I learnt..

I learnt today that…

I am not as good as people think me to be.. and people don’t think I am as good as I think they do..

P.S: Do tell me should I have a ‘I learnt’ series… I mean something like Rambler does at Random Randomness and Cess does with her Monday morning jokes and pratsie at the Smiley moments…. ???

Frankly I find it very interesting.. May be I should 🙂


11 thoughts on “I learnt..

  1. Pratsie! yes I guess I would…

    Navin.. please do follow 😀

    @ajit the moral of story is nothing is as it seems.. so dont bother about how things seem 😉

  2. you should :)…

    btw I would love to realize I am as good as I am, not as I think of me, or others think of me, or what I think of others think of me as 😀

  3. tho i dont knw wht the pthers have posted on their blog, but the “I learnt” series sounds like fun.
    Put it up……I say!!!!!

  4. Its like I have this image of what ppl think I am.. and that is not true.. in short.. no image is true 😀 mine or others 😀

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