True love…

Sometimes living makes me cynical so much so that I don’t believe in love and yet.. there are some days and some people who leave me wistful yes.. but make me even more hopeful.. for they make me believe in love.

Today I met one such couple. My friend Bunty and his bubbly.. who is not actually ‘bubbly’ but has a bubbly personality. They have been college sweetheart and now after 6-7 years later they got engaged in November. We met for the first time after they met.

Its so amazing to see their easy amiability and their love. They don’t keep hugging each other or anything.. there is such an comfort zone between them that you don’t feel as if you have come in between two of them.. like you often feel when there are two people in love.. in its first bloom..its like their happiness rubs on you.. they know each other’s faults and have adjusted to it.

Man I can’t really express it properly.. but I felt so great to see them in love and totally in ync with each other.. the easy way they completed each others sentences.. or the way they shared food.. ordered for each other… teased .. it was a pleasure to watch 🙂

I hope one day I can boast of a similar relationship 🙂

Oh yes.. next month on the same day as today two of my college friends.. my project partners are tying the knot.. they were also college sweethearts.. its so nice to hear of love affairs that end in marriage… call me old fashioned.. but I totally dig happily ever afters..

I agree marriage is really not happily ever after.. but in a total hindi filmy style it is.. and I love hearing about it 😀

Two of my best friends also are going to tie knot in Nov 2009.. this year is going to be totally lovey dovey!!!


7 thoughts on “True love…

  1. 🙂
    yes, “happily ever After” does seem interesting…. 🙂

    happy waiting…. or should i say “Happy Hunting”….. 😛

  2. being a hopeless romantic myself simply loved this :)…*sigh*

    got reminded of a song: “happily ever afters”…in the movie “enchanted”…

  3. Fairytale endings, Pleasant:-)As for as the comfort zone, I know a couplea lovey-dovies like that as well. Hence, can empathize fully with your sentiments:D

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