Some people are not meant to have kids. And they are not supposed to have ‘male’ kids at all! Bah! Our neighbors are having a huge problem with their sons. And everyday is a saga of big fights.. that ofcourse wakes us up from sleep every damn day! Albeit the kids are unruly.. they dont study well and keep playing etc etc… The mom tries really hard to make them study which ranges from cajoling till screaming.. telling others how ‘bad’ their kids are etc etc.. nothing works!

And today the mom was soo angry that she kept cursing them that you will die in a accident.. your family will burn in fire etc etc!

I mean this is heights.. what mother will curse like this.. for anyone.. forget her kids??

I know I know she was at her wits end.. but this isnt a solution!

Really some parents are not meant to be parents! 😐 😐


15 thoughts on “Arrrghhhh!!

  1. if some parents were not meant to be parents… the population on earth would not have been this much … 🙂

    yeah as agnes says, earplugs do seem to be an option… LOL

  2. @anoop that sucks! biigggg time!!

    @Jeeves *sigh*

    @Nancy too true. I feel the kid is a teenager.. he is supposed to be screwed up.. but the parents r wise no? they shud u\s no?

    @agnes he he he.. thats sorely needed yes!

    @thoorika.. one kid is in 12th and other in 6th or 7th..

    @ajit *sigh*

    @Rambler.. true.. she is one tired lady.. but that doesnt excuse such harsh words. I cant excuse it on anyone’s lips..

    @Bhav yes.. some do

    @Archy.. yes we forget to thank god for that sometimes.. we shudnt!

    @Geoff Smae to you 🙂

    @solilo.. I know that weirds me out too.. if they had brought them up well the kids wont go this wrong!

  3. I agree. My brother and sis-in-law have 4 sons and have no idea what they’re doing. At times I say “thank God they didn’t have daughters” because they would really be messed up by now. I think a lot of people lack the patience needed to work with their children…which is sad.

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