Book Mania….

If you remember nearly a month back I had said that I am picking up books challenge ? Well I am not. I got bored of picking the books as per the alphabets.. However I have not stopped reading books. But I have ofcourse not reviewed them. Lazy me. These are the list of the books I have read already. I have even included 2-3 lines of review. I might do a full fledged review when I am bored enough 😀

1. The Smoke Jumper by Nicolas Evans : I liked it in parts. Its a love triangle with lot of side effects. War, jealousy, Friendship etc etc. Kind of masala. Frankly expected it to be better.
My Rating: 5/10

2. Ice bound by Dean Koontz : This was all it had promised. Intrigue. Thrill and suspense. Umm there is quite some action too. Few scientists trapped on a moving iceberg and a killer amidst them with a hidden motive. No where to run and no where to hide. And to confound it all being saved by a German sub marine at the height of WW II
My rating: 7/10

3. Life of Pi by Yann Martel : I remember reading its review long long time back in my student days when I used to yearn to buy books like this. But all I could hope was to pick something from the Raddi shop.. anyhow, this book was a let down. The writing style is good. But the story line.. too cliched. Too hard to accept.. It is a fiction not a fantasy! however, the writer seems to lean towards the latter. Picture this. A small kid of 10-12 left on a life boat with a very hungry tiger for more than 20 days. And yet alive to tell the tale. And able to survive with skills which are beyond comprehension.. Still an engaging read. Though the description of gore left me all pukey..
My rating : 4/10 Read at your own peril 😀

4. Echoes by Maeve Binchy: I was enthralled by the character sketching that she did. The heroine, the hero and the other man. The story was conventional. It was based on a provincial town in Ireland. It could have been amazing. There was potential certainly. But it was a let down. The only saving grace is you don’t feel let down until the end. The character of “Gerry Doyle” was so amazingly etched with all the details, only to be wasted. His story goes no where and to finish the story off he is killed ( Rather he commits suicide) Even this is not written with the panache she made us believe she had.
My rating : 5/10 It can be a one time read.

5. Confessions of a Falling woman by Debra Dean ( finished it today 🙂 ): I was at Landmark on Sunday, not planning to buy anything ( ended buying 5 books. Glutton me!) And this book was at the display. And to pass time, I read the first short story. And I fell in love. Her writing style is so refreshingly funny. It is a collection of urban stories. Nothing spectacular about the stories but the writing style keeps you hooked. Like in the first story it talks about a guy called “Tim”. he is extremely funny and sweet and jovial. In an apartment building where no one knows anyone.. he binds them together with friendship. Soon it feels home. Though he doesn’t seem to have an iota of ambition, he gets a chance to be comedian and takes it . He makes fun of every tenant he connected to and ofcourse never comes back to them. He makes it big ofcourse. And the ppl who came together drift apart.. as I said nothing spectacular about the story. However, if you read it, you will feel connected. You will identify yourself with them.
My rating : 8/10

6. Family Blessings by Lavyrle Spencer : I had read her earlier novel ‘With hope’ and was impressed. She takes few characters from suburban America and spins a story of their life that takes you through whole gamut of emotions. You love them, you get angry and you worry for them.. and finally everything ends with happiness.. and not without tinging with loss of loved ones, strength of character etc etc. An average read yes. Nothing special about the story. But feel good! You cannot help but end it with a smile and feel that life is worth living 🙂
My rating : 6/10 A story for lazy winter nights 🙂

7. The Second Silence by Eileen Goudge: This is the kind of story I love! 3 strong characters of women. Three generations of it. Strong personality, Lots of love and misgivings. They struggle to make sense of their relationship and their life. They would rather sever it and yet, they are fused by umbilical cord that no one can ever see.. A beauty! *sigh*
My rating : 8/10

8. The Maze by Catherine Coulter : It is a suspense thriller with romantic undertone. There is a psychotic serial killer. A totally cynical daughter. A overtly strict father and a senile mother. To add to the fun, The daughter is a cop on the case. The other daughter was killed by the killer. Ah the maze of confusion, suspicion, trust and madness. total fun!
My rating : 7/10

9. Vienna Prelude by Bodie Theone: A love story based just before World war II. Story of German Jews in Austria. Nothing new in the story and yet it attracts you and makes you read the whole thing. Very Very Romantic *sigh* Again a feel good movie And this book has made me intrigued enough to read Faust. I might read that after I finish all my books here really. Some interestingly philosophical insights. It is not a light read but a fun read 🙂

My rating : 7/10

10. Taltos by Anne Rice : Oh I loved and I loved it! The stretch of imagination is so beautiful. Though The writing style is nothing spectacular.. its the story that holds you tight. I loved reading it and I even fell in love with this taltos! The childlike Giants! My only rue is the end. The end sucks. Yes it is a happy ending but quite rushed As if the story didn’t fit within limits pf the words.. or may be she lost interest and just wanted to end it!

My rating : 6/10 It is huge! Read it when you have a lot of time on you

11. Cane River by Lalita Tademy : Again a story based in southern USA.. rather before Civil War. And again story of 3 generation of women. Strong characters and all that jazz I said in second silence. The best part is though its a fiction, its a story of the authoress’s Family. She has traced her roots and has written such a poignant tale of it. It made me want to trace my roots 😀

My rating : 8.5/10 I simply loved it.

12. 34 Bubblegums and Candies by Preeti Shenoy : I was attracted initially by the cover ( I easily get attracted by the covers) And the book lived upto it! It was gifted to me by pratsie for my birthday yay! Its out and out collection of feel good stories. Of everyday life of the authoress. She is an avid blogger too and the book is worth reading really. It is a light read almost like a coffee table book.. and yet, it would leave you with some lingering thought or a smile on your face 🙂

My rating : 8.5/10

13. A Married Woman by Manju Kapur : This is a poignant tale of a housewife of a middle class ( upper middle class if you like) family in Delhi. Her dreams, her feelings, her search of identity. It is bold in a way. She ends being in a lesbian relationship and yet this doesn’t seem out of ordinary. I don’t remember who said it, but every woman is potentially bi- sexual. And frankly I can agree to it. I mean two women in a relationship can give a lot more warmth a lot more comfort than a man can give. Simply coz their needs are similar. The way they approach a relationship is similar. This book is worth reading for the way a woman is described. With all her vulnerability and all her dreams. A woman with sexual urge and urge to reassert her identity. A woman lost….. And yet , I find the end doesnt live upto the boldness we saw all through the story. The end shows the woman choose conventionality over her heart. But then, may be thats more close to reality ..

My rating : 7.5/10


12 thoughts on “Book Mania….

  1. Normally jealousy is an alien feeling within me…..u just made me feel out & out jealous:-(
    …..Books are bloody expensive here to keep buying.
    …..No libraries out in this blasted desert or if they are…I dont knw abt them:-/
    ….. And not the least, for having the time to read.

  2. Nice post! I have read only one book from this list – Life of Pi. Agree with the fantasy part but maybe i would rate it higher ..say 5.5/10.

  3. I have not read a single book from this list…. and I thought I was upto date on my reading… LOL 🙂
    need to read them…. Thanks!!!

  4. so wen can i expect to be lent sm books ?? u better keep the manju kapoor book fr me… i had wanted to read it since long,, thats y i bot it fr u 😛

  5. oh my!so many books!sheer bliss isnt it?:)
    Lavyrle Spencer ?you read hers?me too!I generally like her books thoguh have read very few of them….I havent read quite a few books..but thanks for the list..will get down to it in a bit:)((hugs))

    this reminds me have to do a post on books..:)

    Manju Kapoor’s books are off beat and very good to read..

  6. Ajit quite possibly coz I have an offbeat choice of books.. I dont go by list.. just pick random books. Whatever catches my fancy 🙂

    Pratsie anytime girl! I have loads to share you dont seem to have time to read 😉

    Indyeah! Ahh finally someone who has read her. I have only read 2 books ‘with hope’ n ‘family blessings’ I liked her 😀

    Books r more than bliss they are addiction with me 😀

    Yes ?Maju kapur is fun to read.. this is her second book I read 🙂

  7. Have fun dear!

    Btw if you would like me to recommend some.. Do pick up rozobel line.. If you liked da vinchi code.. you will be blown over for sure!

    Its by ashwin sanghi 🙂

    Oh yeah the nude by nergis dalal.. my review is here

  8. I am reading ‘love in cholera’. Liking it:-) Your post reminds me i ve a lot of reading to catch upto. And oh, I liked Preethi Shenoy’s book too:-)

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