I learnt V

That the most honest answer in the world is ‘I don’t know’. However, the older we grow the harder it is to accept it.


9 thoughts on “I learnt V

  1. But it can be kind of liberating to accept that you cannot possibly be expected to know everything!
    And then just say ‘I don’t know!’

  2. Rambler.. umm may be when we get so old that we act like children.. then we are willing to say I dont know.. else ego comes in between.. dont you think ?

    Agnes 🙂

  3. hehe. i so agree with you here Meena! i mean, after a handful of i don’t knows you yourself get so embarrassed with your simple headedness you simply can’t say it any further. 🙂

  4. Well I have to disagree here.

    My most common reply to any question is “I dont know”

    But warning signals are blinking in my brain nowadays…
    “Nikita where is ur tie???”
    I dont know
    “Naina why is ur shoe lying in the middle of the living room”
    I dont know


    ….looks like I have to start setting an example

  5. Ego thrives, concurs and fails. I am in the learning curve:-) But yes, I am not least abashed to admit ‘I don’t know’ when I really don’t:-)

    And btw, Wanted to read your Love story. Just started. Sorry to be not keeping my word. A tad busy:-)

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