They say we have no choice…

Some finally say.. We do! Oh yeah we do. We all know that for a democracy to work.. We need to vote. The cynical of us lot would complain how hard it is to get an election card and all.. now thanks to Jaagore things have become a tad easier than before. Atleast we have information required. Better than before isn’t it ?

And now, we have come across an amazing fact that we have a choice of saying none of these… So we cannot complain anymore that.. koi bhi accha nahi hai.. kise vote kare? The point is kisi ko bhi nahi.. We need not choose between 2 evils, We can choose to not choose them at all.

And if still we complain.. if we are still laidback and ask.. how do we know who is good and who isn’t? Well guys, one of the most beautiful venture that I have seen.. Its a campaign to say no to criminals in politics. To choose better people. To force politicians to be accountable in some way.. It is called..

Say no to criminals in politics.

And how do we determine that ? This website has a database of any cases that are filed as on 2004. I know this is quite outdated. I am sure it will be updated soon enough. But we can atleast have some information here. It is a great venture surely.

And for the people who complain that the line for voting is too much. We all know that we can vote online too.

Hence, after all the resources available to us, if we fail to vote and then question our leadership.. or complain about the ‘country in shambles’ really the country doesn’t deserve such citizens and they better migrate!

P.S: Two interesting sites other than Jago re that gives us information about voting.


10 thoughts on “They say we have no choice…

  1. i hve never voted…never has my fingers been tinged with that unwashable blue dye…i wish i did…but the truth is that iam yet to see a worthy candidate…and iam not one to go with the better devil…my mother once told me, in ways of condoning that Iam only capable of loving but not respecting…shes rite…iam yet to find a person i can respect…if iam attached to anyone, its only due to love…i havent fond out there someone worth my love…

    iam still an indian…no, not just an indian, i think iam everyone…my vote will be to someone i love…that is my choice.

  2. Jeeves 🙂

    Bhav you have hit the nail!

    Tys on ice.. That is your choice and I guess that is fine. As I said there is a choice to vote.. none of these.. please use your choice.. for its not just a vote.. its your duty as well as your right!

    Solilo.. yes yesh I did.. thats where I saw it and visited the site ..

  3. Hi Winnie:)
    tried commenting yesterday some bug..:(

    here now..:)
    yup this is what we have to do.and getting the information is the first step then its upto us how far can we take it forward.
    Checked the sites.They are good.Thanks Winnie..:)

  4. Thanks for the links Akka:-) Will chck them out! As for the election mess, there is one coming up in May and whoever comes to the winning fore they will have the cake , they will eat it too. Election is very simple in India. Due to some personal witness i ve grown to believe that Politics and crime go hand in hand. We really can’t stop these guys.Its a vicious circle. Period.

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