Car Trouble

It was a rainy day. Nothing special about it. And Derek was frustrated. He was tired and wet and had a long way to go. If that wasn’t enough his car broke down in the middle of no where. And he was hungry! And he kept walking down the road , dripping wet and extremely frustrated.
A perfectly pitiful sight. Indeed.. and yet it was one of the luckiest day in his life! Lucky you ask ? Yes very much. A perfect stranger came into his life at that moment. No it wasn’t a hot babe . It was an old man with a kind smile and a kinder heart. He parked besides him and inquired what was wrong. Then simply handed over the car keys to Derek and left with an umbrella. Derek was astounded. He ran behind the old man and asked., ” Whats wrong with you? How can you loan a car to a total stranger.”

The old man replied with a smile, ” Ah I am not loaning you! I am giving you as a gift”

“Are you crazy?” Derek screamed at him.

” There is an old saying, don’t look inside the gifted horse’s mouth. Just drive home”

“You are crazy! I don’t want your car.. I don’t trust you”

“Well choice is yours.” Saying this the old man walks away and soon is hidden behind the curtain of rainfall.

Left alone, Derek examines the car for anything out of order. But everything was perfect and was totally new! After dithering for sometime he decided to use the car and left with it.

And the old man hidden behind the trees smiled softly.

Few months later,

Lisa was driving along a lonely stretch of road. It was high noon and she was tired. She was driving since last night. Running away from an abusive relationship, she was afraid and tired. And her car ran out of gas! She hyper ventilated!

She was in middle of nowhere. No farm no house in sight and the sun burned down her skin. Frustrated, she sat in her car smoking endless cigarettes , looking furtively here and there. Every once in a while some vehicle passed by, however never stopped. And then a kind old man came by and stopped his car. He gave her a lift to the nearest deli and they started to talk . She found herself telling him things about her past about her boyfriend. He lent her money to buy gas. And then he drove her back to her car. Towed the car to the nearest gas station and then when she started the car the car won’t work. And he offered her his car.

“Oh no! I can’t take it. You have already been too kind. Why would you do something like that ?”
“I can afford to. Don’t worry child. You need it.”
She was not easily convinced.  After a a lot of arguments, he said,” I leave the car keys here” placing it on the the dashboard of her car. “The choice is yours honey” and leaves.

She dithers for a long time but something freaks her out. She decides not to take the car and tries to start her car again. And surprisingly the car starts and she is jubilant ! 
Somewhere down the road a car explodes and an old man smiles knowingly….  
Life  had so many things to offer, some don’t seem to have the guts to accept the gifts


8 thoughts on “Car Trouble

  1. Sometimes…not always…specially in today’s world, gifts don’t come easily in ur way, so it becomes to tough accept such generous gift all of a sudden.

    Many times it becomes a dilemma for sure…

  2. ERm anoop and Archy.. may be I failed in what I wanted to say..

    Its about this cranky old timer who kills ppl who dont take his gift erm.. he spared the guy in the rain.. coz ultimately he took the car.. n not the girl coz.. umm she didnt take the car..

    Silly stupid story 😦

    Agnes *sigh*

    Subhajit yes.. true 🙂

  3. LOL@No it wasn’t a hot babe . 😀

    hey winnie not a crazy stupid story..((hugs))

    I saw it as open your heart and accept what life gifts you at times…because in our doubts sometimes we let beautiful giving moments pass…
    and that the old man was trying to prevent that girl from her ‘fate’ death..but she didnt listen…

    though the car exploding at the end was too much!:D
    and now I realize from your comment that he was a cranky old man!:D


    but you know I can never write stories…and I am really serious..few ppl can and you are one of them..keep writing keep taking new inputs…
    its a learning process throughout:)


  4. “Life had so many things to offer, some don’t seem to have the guts to accept the gifts.”

    I too believe in this funda:-))!!!!

    Nice story…tho I think the old man shd not have smiled knowingly…if he sighed heavily the story might have got more…..u knw whtever.

    Thats my 2 bits worth;-P

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