Guys am back! Will post in details about what all happened.. In short it felt like being home! How much ever I say I have become used to Bangalore.. I have even.. I feel like a visitor in Mumbai now.. I hardly seem comfortable in the humid heat or in the crowd of trains.. and yet it always feels like home when I hug my best friend.. when I tease the “bakra” of the group.. the inane flirting we indulge.. the jokes.. the feel of everything.. The changes in personalities.. the similarities.. ah the distances.. the proximity.. everything interest me.. everything delights me.. I wont say it was good all over.. And no excitement *sigh* i mean the adventure I was looking for didnt really happen  but other things happened.. things that made me feel normal.. like I have still not changed and am the usual goofy me..
Like… in the jay piyu’s marriage.. just when the last “phera” happened there was a huge crash.. no I didn’t fall down.. the table I tried to sit on toppled.. and its been captured in the video! I can never live that down.. If you are wondering how I survived.. well its quite quite normal for me.. this has happened a lot of times before and I have a thick skin.. 
And then I forgot some of my stuff in someone else’s bag coz I dont like to carry my own purse ** I tend to lose purses esp in marriages**  well and hence I lost a beautiful “pink set ” of necklace.. my face wash.. and a brand new lip stick! I didnt have time to meet the girl who had my stuff.,.. as my itinerary was full.. no I am not a mini celebrity.. though I felt that way this time  🙂 
Oh yes and then I forgot my mobile at piyu’s place which I remembered after I came to Kalyan station.. so I had to go back and get it.. And then I forgot my watch in prita’s house (Dahisar) and I remembered that after I reached Smital’s house ( Virar) And in the resultant chaos I had to make Princy wait for 2 hours.. really a sad state of affairs **sigh** the plus point is princy knows my nature perfectly well so she wasn’t miffed.. all hail close friends who are sweet 😀 😀
I was showered with gifts.. yay! The sad part is I didnt pick up any this time. Its my norm to pick up gifts for smital shradddha and their families .. atleast I did the last two time I spent with them.. but since this time I was going to the marriage and the luggage was already too heavy I didnt.. I figured I shall buy in Mumbai itself… but I got no time.. erm but I got loads and loads of gifts 😀 😀
Shraddha gave me  a scarf, a necklace and earings ** just like I like them… lord get me more such room mates who know just what I like and how *** and jointly with smital gave me a dress material.. and smital also gave me one more necklace and earings and bracelet set. It matched one of my outfit and I already got compliments for it.. its a black necklace ( will post pictures afterwards) Ohh and Princy gave me a kewt purse studded with diamonds and all . Ideal purse for parties and marriages.. and big enough for stuff to be carried and small enough for me to use it frequently. And inside that were 2 slabs of diary milk chocolates and 2 funky earings yay!! 
I met Princy after 3 years nearly. Last time was when she was in Mysore doing her training in Infosys. Its really amazing that she remembered all the things I liked and made an effort to actually get them for me. Ah can’t say how touched I am!!
All in all beautiful experience… I am glad I went 🙂

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  1. heyy!!!! Good to see u back. I dont know how this is possible but I missed u;-o

    Glad to hear u had a good time & sheesh did u really topple of the table…were u hurt????

    umm which of these friends has tht video & gimme the email id if u please:-D

  2. Nancy erm I wud rather not 😛 😛 And its very much possible.. one whole week without comments and blogging I missed you too! *hugs*

    Pratsie its gr8 to be back.. waking up 6 o clk everyday is not easy for me erm he he he

  3. I am smiling just reading all that you have written
    the happiness is visible:)
    you were soo missed
    and I am glad that such friends are there:)they make our world dont they?:)
    er…about the video..I totally understand:D
    I have had some not so glorious moments myself:D
    and girl!How many things do you lose?:D

    welcome back!:)

  4. Abhi its great to be back.. though Mumbai has been amazing.. its always better to be back 🙂

    @nave.. umm kya kare control nahi hota 😀

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