Me: So what do you think I should do? May be I can still give the CET for local universities 
Sis: Do you really think you will follow through ?? *derisively*
Me: Well I have to do something. I can’t just let the time slip by. And I wouldn’t know until I try. I might finish it this time!
Sis: Oh yeah? Like the first time you joined a course for VoIP which you left coz its too far and they don’t teach well.. or the cource for Wireless communication you actually finished and did nothing about it.. or recently the course for Java which you never finished or did anything with it.. or the prep for GATE which you never gave and never studied?
Me: * seemingly nochalant* May be you are right. I will wait till end of the year and give GATE next year if I am interested still. Or May be in the meantime I can give those certifications that I keep dreaming about
My sister decided to not say anything after that. I, ethused enough to search out those Java books and open it. 15 min later I was asleep.

11 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. oh deeah ! are you tryin to be anodder bakri ?, a goat in a herd ? sweet Poohee daa, obviously you are not interested in that, the very idea of it makes you sleepy. You are incredibly talented and have delicate imagination. You’ll be destroying your creativity if you join the herd.
    what to do ? i don’t know. you have to decide.
    You need economic freedom. money, harsh reality,
    you need some job but not ‘the job’ , so that you don’t become a burdon on any one, including parents. When some money keeps coming you can pursue what you love most, perhaps writing. Take it seriously

    watch this video Poohees

  2. awww nothing wrong with soul searching. if you have the luxury to take your time, you must! definition of life aint the same for all. 🙂 find something you love!! and be good at it. 🙂

  3. Anoop oh yeah that I shall

    Nancy he he he >:D< >:D<

    Indyeah.. thats for sure.. it was meant to be kind of funny Erm I failed dint ?I ?

    Bharat oh yeah that I do 😉

    Solilo.. hopefully its been around for a long time now 😀

    rauf.. ah not trying to be one of the herd.. that I never will be.. umm but I want to use my talents wherever they lie to the best of the possibilities.. Ever since I have known about a "language" I have wanted to code And well the concept of finding a new technology is so fascinating isnt it ?

    Roopscoop beautifully put.. and thats what I am tring to do 🙂

    Yogesh.. its pretty old way sadly or not to sadly *winks*

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