Envy and fantasy!

I am a very envious person. Umm envious is not the right word nor is jealousy I think. I mean I don’t grudge others their happiness or good luck. Its just that I want it for myself. Not that I am not happy or that I am not blessed.
There are many things in my life to be thankful about . Few things exceptionally wonderful.. And yet I find myself wanting more.. 
I dont exactly hate it but I wish I was more content or may be had powers that could make anything I wish for come true..
Like the book I am reading right now.. The Time Traveler’s wife. Its almost like a dream come true for me.. if it could be true ofcourse. And the flight of imagination of the authoress is the source of this umm post.. and the emotion too.
I am hard pressed to know which character I would like to be.. The time traveler or his wife.. for both the characters well seem extremely appealing to me.
I shall not say anything about the story line for all thouse people who would love to read it.. but I shall briefly dwell on their characterization.. Its just amazing!
There is a guy with a dysfunction wherein he can travel in future as well as past. And it is possible for the past to meet the future! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can do it ? A way wherein you stand out of the circle.. of your friends and family and dispassionately look at yourself and those around you! To remember the things you have forgotten over the period of time as you will.. after all memories too fade.. and yet time travel would let you savor them.. linger over them..
You can visit all the beautiful memories over and over again.. and also the sad memories.. now thats a downer!
And his wife.. she meets me since she was 6 in various different forms. Sometimes he is kid at others old man.. ranging from 15-43! She grows normally and he is haphazard! There is continuity even in this seeming randomness.. They know each other and develop a regard for each other in a way no one else can dream about. He witnesses her past as a matured presence and also as her future.. I would so love to be known to a person this way.. the whole novelty of the situation.. the utter vulnerability and the same time.. the trust and the knowledge that these ppl share about each other.. Ah I would so love to be this woman too.. since I dont get any naked stranger thrust upon me.. until yet.. I guess it might not happen to me *sigh*
Any how am utterly charmed and wee bit.. a whole lot envious of the fictional characters.. Okay now I seem absurd too and should stop!

3 thoughts on “Envy and fantasy!

  1. O my God. I regret coming rarely online. Blame my schedule. And i ve a lot of your posts to catch up! Will read them through:-)
    As for this sentence, “And yet I find myself wanting more.. “-Another proof you are human:P Kidding:-) I ve read the Time Traveler’s Wife. Quite a read, it is:-)

    Happy week:-)

  2. whoa!suchpraise for a book!Now I am tempted to pick it up and will do!:)

    I didnt like the sad memories aprt..that would make it so not worth it:((

    and you are not envious:P
    coz envious people dont have such open giving hearts…one that is almost an open book:)
    and says what it is thinking about
    will pick up the book in a few days and will let you know how I found it:)

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