Pay it forward

Few weeks back I watched this movie… “Pay it forward“. It is such a simple story and so heart warming! A feel good movie that left me utterly charmed.

The story is simple. A small kid decides to use his school social science project to make a difference to the world he lives in. He decides to find 3 people who needs help and are not able to help themselves and help them. And the only thing those people have to do is to help 3 more people. Even if one of the people helps 1 person the good will is carried forward. And slowly but surely a wave of positive change envelopes the people. Amazing storyline. I have left the actual storyline untouched as I dont want to spoil the fun! Do watch it if you haven’t!

If you have and may be if you are motivated enough.. I was wondering.. why not start a “pay it forward” movement ourselves?

I am certainly gonna try! I solemnly vow that I shall help the first 3 deserving people I come across and I shall blog about it as soon as I do help them 🙂


8 thoughts on “Pay it forward

  1. I loved that movie too! :))

    It is so good and so simple as you said:)
    yeah In our life we can do it:)
    will be waiting to read yours.:)
    this is such a great idea!

  2. I hrd some town in America was starting a project like this….and I know for sure tht some schools are encouraging their students to do this.
    It sure is a lovely gesture & will pay rich dividents in kind
    I love the concept & TRY to do it all the time:-)

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