I learnt X

It is not about what you express but about what thoughts you inspire in others that marks the greatness of a write.


9 thoughts on “I learnt X

  1. But is it not like, ‘writing is an expression for the self’?Ofcourse, I do concur with inspiring thoughts but don’t we all primarily write for ourselves, so that it inspires the self most importantly? !

  2. That we do. And yet primarily we write for an audience imaginary or otherwise. esp when we have a blog 😛

    P.S: I cud never manage to consistently write a diary.. and yet am blogging gung ho 😀

  3. hmm..good one:)
    yes,we do write for ourselves but on a blog it also addresses friends and strangers 🙂

    and yet I would also say that when a write is from the heart, it becomes thought provoking on its own..
    remember the one you shared of the 13 or 15 year old?:)

    words have power the ones straight from a heart even more so:))

    like this one made me think so much:))


    yayy!! a pop out page:D

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