Boo hoo hoo!!!

The day started out with such promise!! I had too much to do and I had an amazingly busy and fulfilling weekend. On sunday I had watched 2 movies that touched me so much that I was keen to blog about them today.. And yet, right from the start things went wrong.. really wrong!!!

Firstly, I took an auto home in the morning as the cab would be late. @ of my teammates are not around so rest of us have to stretch a bit. Like in the morning shift there is no one but our TL at work. Since he has other things to do besides tech supping.. he decided to come by 8.. not that I blame him really he leaves by 9 pm.. so its okay if he comes late.. only we cannot leave.

But today I had to go out so I asked my colleague to stick around and I left. I was sleepy and tired and the breeze was cold the day was tender.. in short I slept off. When I woke up I realized that I am being ripped off.. The Autowalah was taking unneccesary turns and the meter was way off the usual price. Since I wasn’t awake I couldnt really fault him.. he wud ask why didnt I show him the way etc etc.. So i finally started giving directions when half thru the way he said the gas had run out! I got so pissed that I fought with him but in the end payed 20 rupees more and was atleast 10 min walking distance away from home!!

If that wasn’t enough, few minutes later I realized I had left the fone in the rick.. Luckily the autowalah was pushing the damn vehicle down the road to the nearest petrol bunk and I could catch up with him after a short dash down the road… alas to no avail.. my mobile was lost.. We did try to search.. the autowalah ringed the mobile but it said not reachable.. finally teary eyed came home.. told sis. she scolded me.. we fought.. finally reconciled.. Called up the service provider.. got the no. blocked.. bought a new mob.. got duplicate sim and now my no. is back working in order.. but my mob my fav moto rocker is lost :(((

It wasn’t the coolest mobile around.. it wasnt may be the most stylish mobile too.. but It was mine and I loved it.. loved its look loved every damn thing!! And now its lost..

** sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh**

I finally bought Nokia express music.. its not a bad buy.. umm its pretty good.. but i still miss my old fone :((

* Sob SOB SOB!!!! *

P.S: Its pathetic really!! Even while I was mourning I was thinking about how I wil blog about it.. Do I need to get my brains checked?


7 thoughts on “Boo hoo hoo!!!

  1. that’s sad ya…tie the new phone with a string.

    but its cool that you can afford a new phone the day you lose the old one!

    It’s ok to think of it in blogging terms, anyone with a blog would do that…

    Take care!


  2. Umm its about priority.. fone is a must not luxury ** sigh**

    @blog I guess…

    And thanx for dropping by

  3. P.S: Its pathetic really!! Even while I was mourning I was thinking about how I wil blog about it.. Do I need to get my brains checked?

    LOL Winnie you made me laugh so hard with that last line!1:D

    yes you are addicied to blogging:PP

    8shaking her head*you thought of blogging it when you lost your phone?:D

    that takes the cake and all the desserts too:D

    may you have less of these days but whenever you do have them, may you always find something to laugh about:))))

  4. Ah Abhi that was an wonderful thought and Amen to that!

    @blog addiction.. I know i need to attend bloggers anonymous 😀 😀

  5. Oh winnie…..sounded like a terrible day.
    What do u think, the autoguy stole the mobile????
    I so understand how bad u must be feeling abt losing the mobile.

    Lastly no bloggers anonymous can help us….if it makes u feel better I’ll tell u tht most of us bloggers r in the same boat;-D

  6. Nancy I know.. but I had no avenue to accuse him.. I should not have slept off 😦

    @bloggers anonymous.. umm too true 😀 😀

    Yogesh I know.. I just have one too many :P:P

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