Its your birthday

Darlingest you,
Its your birthday today. 6th April. It doesn’t really matter where you are. Silly me! Remembering it and holding on to it. Birth has no meaning after death isn’t it ?
And yet, for the living it does. As a reminder of your existence. You were born, so you existed. And now I am being stupid. For you did exist else why would I remember. If that is true, do I need to remember?
The fact is, there is no reason why I do. I just do. ย And since I do, I feel. I so want to wish. But then wishes are meaningless when you die. What do I say ? May all your dreams come true? May you live a long time ?ย 
May be I can say, all those dreams that you saw and yet didn’t believe in, all thouse thoughts that were sent into the empty nights, for there would have been many. Those silent yearnings that you never let yourself feel. May they all come true, wherever you are, in whatever form you are…
From Me.

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