A Walk that was supposed to end at MTR

Wondering why such a quaint title? Someone had suggested the title as the “walk that ends at MTR” however, as it happened, it really didn’t end there.. hence the title…

Well.. this Sunday morning, I surprised Anoop and Pratsie by coming for the “Lal Bagh Walk” which I have not been doing for past 3 months simply coz I couldn’t wake up.. This time around I didn’t sleep the whole night properly wanting so bad to join them… So my night was spent watching the Movie Music and Lyrics.. Got to say that the song Way back into Love is kind of growing on me where I feel that this song speaks about me… Umm I am transgressing..

So early in the morning 7 a.m I reached Lal Bagh Gate and called up Anoop.. phone was switched off.. Called up Pratsie.. Call was not answered…. Called the co-ordinator.. She met with an accident…

For a very brief time I wondered if I should go back.. I also pitied myself for my quite good luck.. but when I entered the garden.. I was charmed..

Everytime I visit Lal Bagh ( And I have .. quite many times.. but not enough times) I am utterly charmed by the beauty of the park.. Wonderfully maintained..with a charming lake.. many many flowers.. birds and greenery that instantly transcends you to a world of dreams.. If you sit under the shade of Gul Mohar tree and look up to see the panaroma of reds, yellows and oranges…. ahhhh!! how do I describe it ? So here I was all alone… I decided to utilize this oppurtunity to its maximum.. So I plugged in my headset with maximum volume and hit the trail.. I know I sang loudly sometimes.. coz people turned back and stared at me like I am some nut case… I even did a little jig in between when I couldn’t contain myself.. I dithered.. I observed I touched flowers.. leaves.. I clicked pics of ants walking on the iron railings.. I picked up flowers that fell down and fixed it on my bags( those little rings that are there for “show”) until I almost looked like an eccentric that I know I am deep down.. ( luckily by the time I met the other guys the flowers had fallen down and the rest I put it inside the pocket of the “Jhola” I carried to be put inside a book to flatten the petals.. I hate plucking flowers.. but the flowers that fall .. I thinkΒ  I can pick them up… )

The best part of being alone is that you don’t have to wait for anyone.. nor anyone will complain if you decide to look at the lake continuously for 20-30 min… you know what I mean ? I could play with those strayΒ  dogs that seem to linger around for bread that people feed them everyday.. no one to do Eww or say how unhygienic it is.. ( I have a pet theory that.. well the extra care you take the extra fragile you become)

I walked through random passages and clicked few nice pics!!

The second pic is of the tower.. KempeGowda tower.. thats where we were supposed to meet…

Well half through the way, I incidentally met the group and we had a nice time together.. getting to know each other etc etc.. We decided to end the walk by going to MTR..

Now MTR has no special fare to provide or anything.. its the same idli dosa and kaapi.. and yet they provide it in opulance.. I mean.. in silver plates with loads of asli ghee.. and the Ghee really is pure one.. as you can smell it half of the day in your hands! Even after washing it more than once with soap water.. MTR is always quite crowded at the breakfast hour and since some politician had come for campaigning (which reminds me of the post I want to do about the bangalore politicians.. ) the crowd was ever so more.. The usherer said we have to wait for 1 hour just to get the seat to sit .. So we decided to move on to a small time cafe wherein we had a nice cup of coffee.. perfect ending for a perfect walk! I am so glad I made an effort to go.. I am never gonna miss it again πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


21 thoughts on “A Walk that was supposed to end at MTR

  1. yippee!you moved!!(((hugs))muah!
    easy peasy it will be to comment now πŸ˜€
    loved the look of all three blogs of yours πŸ˜€
    will come and read at leisure πŸ™‚

  2. Now, I must find out where the hell this Lal Bagh is. Everybody talks about this park. If not for a walk, I can at least have those delicacies from MTR !! πŸ˜›

  3. πŸ™‚ a walk is always good…. you get to notice things that you generally do not… even if you go thru the same path again and again and again…. πŸ™‚

    have fun!!! πŸ™‚ at WP

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