I know I shouldn’t start with a rant.. but guys I lost your comments while importing the blog. Partly wordpress is at blame and partly the security guy who went to the loo at the inopportune time. Yes, you read it right!


Its coz of him that the importing stopped. 


The thing is just 15 min before I was to log out… when I was infact writing the good bye message on the other blog… the power went out and we being generally mismanaged and a small company have to depend on our security guy to turn on the generator. We have a 20 min leeway courtesy our UPS supposedly.. you see like everything else in our office even the UPS is old and quite unreliable… 

Umm thats a long story and for some other day.. the point is my computer restarted and when I logged in back to wordpress it doesn’t give me a “continue” option and hence this blog is nearly a 100 comments short.. So I am pissed.. but well I am here and quite excited to be here 😀 😀


8 thoughts on “Arrghhh!!

    1. Yeah it sure does 🙂 I have been sneakily on wordpress since some time now.. I mean I have a blog about the books I read.. but then I havent updated it for quite a long time 🙂

  1. Ufff these security guys…..their timings are just terrible;-P.

    Looks very neat……will definitely chk out ur other blogs

    Congrats on fixing everything up…..I can understand wht a headache it must have been;-o

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