Something from the past.. or fertile grounds of my mind ?

Once upon a time, men believed in honor and ethics and all that shingles that we tend to overlook nowadays.. But then as it happens now, it happened then, Some people started questioning ethics versus survival.. housewives started muttering.. ” ethics is all good for people who can afford it.. if I lose my husband who will feed the hungry mouths..”

This had become quite serious concern and hence the wise men decided to create a section of people whose responsibility was to protect and to uphold all the concepts of nobility and higher standards,, Ah yes… this was creation of “gentry” now these gentry were initially democratically chosen.. i.e anyone who wanted to be a gentry could become one. Only he has to prove that he indeed had those qualities for years.. nay for centuries these rules stood by the test of time..

And yet, some changes started occurring in both gentry and common people.. Gentry couldn’t accept the ignominy of commonality and common people couldn’t stand voting for gentry every few decades.. ( i.e when the gentry became old) and gentry didnt like the fact that their kids wont enjoy the same privileges as they did if they don’t get chosen the next time.. and hence came the wave of dynasty..

Both gentry and common people were happy.. Since gentry still took care of their duties and common people didn’t have to choose them.. Besides gentry could teach their kids all the required skills and they became exclusive to them.. ah yes privileges.. since the duties were performed without any issues commoners didnt begrudge these privileges.. And yet,

As centuries passed by gentries forgot their duties and assumed that these “privileges” are their as a “right” since its been so for generations.. traditions and all that shit.. They became autocratic.. they couldn’t care less about others.. and now came the world of privileges.. the more privilege you have the more important you are… and hence gentry started vying for “money” for money means power… which translates to “privileges”..

Ah yes and duty was long forgotten…

And now, commoner were tired of gentry getting everything.. they didnt u\s why?.. so they rebelled against them.. And then the line between the gentry and commoner got lost.. And ethics honor and rest all stuff?

They are only found in books.. whose got time for all those eh ?


4 thoughts on “Something from the past.. or fertile grounds of my mind ?

  1. you could live without ethics or honour today…but can you think of one person you respect who is without ethics or honour?

    it’s fun to trash values, because they can’t speak for themselves…but the evidence is still around us, as it always was πŸ™‚

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