I just finished watching Firaaq.. And I loved the film.. And I think it was made perfectly.. Coz I believe that We have to take a side to make effective cinema. Simply!

I won’t say that hindus didnt suffer in Gurjat..  neither does the film maker.. 

If the film maker decides to show one side of the coin.. its her choice.. only, she made sure that the other side is not just blackened.. she showed the bad side as well as good side of ‘common’ man… she showed the house maker who is traumatized by all of it.. she showed that friendship is beyond everything.. even in those darkened times..  and she showed the utter stupidity of men.. 

The muslim youth didnt care about the little kid who was orphan.. they were no heroes.. And they fought within themselves .. when they did get the gun.. selfish mutants!

May be some political motive was there in releasing it during election time.. or may be they were just banking on the fact that interest wud be generated if its released at such time.. the bottom line is that .. It is truthfully made movie.. even though not much of the violence is shown.. it leaves us with no doubt that yes.. violence was done.. and very badly!

And now if anyone can take the challenge and make a movie on how hindus suffered in the riots.. I will be more impressed.. coz it is also true that.. this side of the story also needs to be told 🙂


14 thoughts on “Firaaq

  1. I have not watched the movie yet but sounds good to me.

    I am sure the Hindu families suffered as much as people from the other religions, making a movie showing their plight would be the same as people from other religions.

    Let us not forget its because of vested interests and misguided souls, these riots took place.

    In a country like India, even today Muslims are treated like a second class citizen where they find it hard to find even an accommodation even in places like Bombay. This is just an example of the problems they face. In comparison people from other religion have it much easier.

    1. In our country.. we refuse to use our mind and accept that yes.. we are wrong! Somehow, we find ways to justify how right we are.. by throwing mud on someone elses face.. what we forget is.. in that process we dirty our clothes, hands and more importantly our minds!

  2. I have read so much abt it – have to watch it for myself… Very balanced and interesting review..

    As Ajit says, the best part would be if we could move on ..and hope that something like this does not happen again..

  3. I still haven’t managed to watch this movie but I will.

    Sad that they have successfully made crimes as being about ‘them’ against ‘us’ … I somehow doubt that there would have been any riots if there were no vested interests.

  4. Good to see some positive comments in here. I kinda read a few reviews and they were not for the movie. I ll try to watch smetime:-)

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