It is the collective shame that keeps us together. Without it we have nothing to fall back upon..

Is it any wonder that we never stand up for what is right? How can we then survive, if the gum that holds us together evaporates!


18 thoughts on “Shame

  1. It is not that none ever stands up for what is right. It is just that the perception between ‘right and wrong’ differs from one to another that if one stands up for his rights there is always someone who voices over against. This is an unspoken covenant.

    1. But what if one stops fighting against wrongs that was done to him.. just by rationalizing that “it happens” ?

      its not about right and wrong.. its about shame.. ppl feel a deep seated shame for some reason..

      that makes girls not stare back at a guy in defiance.. when she is ogled at..

      infact I have noticed.. ppl dont look in the eye n talk anymore.. as if they have something to hide..

  2. illay dee, oh i love it, typing here big fonts, i can see what i am typing, love the format

    na na, its not shame Poheedee, fear, fear of the society, fear of consequences, there is no shame in breaking the glass window and walking away with a TV. i’ll do that. i am pretty criminal minded. Always thinking and planning to rob banks and all. Pooheedee you know what ?
    Few days ago burglars removed an ATM machine with 87000 rupees in it and drove away in a van, happened here in Chennai of all the places. i was very happy to read that. You see what a rotten guy i am, a bank is robbed and i am happy. no shame.

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