The Workshop and me :)

Amias of ‘Acrostic only‘ has come up with an amazing plan of making more people interested and aware of the genre of poetry called Acrostic.

If you are interested email her here, she will email you the invite. The work shop is only till 26th of April. And then the contest starts for the “Best Acrostic of all. ” It even has cash prizes!

Now, if you are wondering what acrostic is all about.. put in simple words.. its like an abbrevation and a poetry…

We start every new line with a character from the title of the poem and keep consistent with the theme all through the poem. It sounds tough but it really is not if you keep practicing πŸ™‚

As a part of the first exercise, we were to write a poem on “MIRRORS”

And the challenge was to write it in simple acrostic, one word acrostic, double acrostic and column acrostic.

My first take was…

Many images flit

Illusive, tarnished and distorted
Recurring confabulations!
Re-invent them with truth
Onerous reflections stifling
Relegate them to oblivion
Spot the unmasked, real you!

And for the single word..

The other two challenges are yet to be done! I have learned so much in simply 2 days. Its easy to get people who give you good reviews. But constructive criticism is so hard to come. You guys should join too. ( After all it is free!!)
P.S: Β Visit her site for weekly prompts and more examples. And for my attempts ( I am pretty regular there) please click here.

9 thoughts on “The Workshop and me :)

  1. I tell you. You are a Pro and you got a way with words and you are superbly befit the noble title of thionkomaniac. God Bless!

  2. πŸ™‚ wow… this is not for me…. πŸ™‚ I cannot write this well……………
    I liked mirrors….. πŸ™‚ and thanks for letting me know of this form…. of poetry….

  3. Its all Doink Doink for me Pooheedee da sweetest.
    i write but i am not a writer and i can never be one.
    i have no skills, no talents, i am a dimwit, maha dimwit, and i refuse to understand anything comeblicated, bikkaas i cannot understand.
    i will fail in a 5th class exam in all subjects.
    How i got to 5th class then ? Copying, stealing.
    i cannot read and copy one paragraph, there will be 100 speelling mishtakes.
    and i don’t want to be an Acrossticks, bikkass after becoming an Acrosstick i will bite peepals.
    i bite peepals only on fridays.

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