He didn’t remember a day when he wasn’t afraid of death. His mom was suicidal.

Every living moment, her imminent death haunted his life.


One day he realized,he wasn’t looking out for her life anymore but was waiting for the inevitable. Her death.

He decided to not to wait any longer.



He killed her.


24 thoughts on “Murder

  1. Now he has no peace, because he knows she wants to repay his kindness… she comes every night through the broken panes of the kitchen window.

    She floats in the house, mourning her death.

    She is waiting for the day he will sleep without his blue lamp on. She can wait…

    For a powercut.

    lol 😉
    (Commented in 54 words!!)

    1. And then comes the day, rather night, for which, she pined for long.

      Sultry summer night, with no breeze and a power cut. She knew then it was her only chance. For he had a generator. And the generator was off today per chance.

      She swept through the room to return the favor.

      She killed him too.


      Continuing as a chain. Do add more 😀 😀


  2. The blue lamp swung helplessly.
    The morning broke into the house through the kitchen window.
    The broken pane beckoned birds and thieves. The milk man noticed milk packets by the door. He pressed the doorbell button.
    Then he noticed bloodied bit of today’s Newspaper sticking out from under the door. His picture on font page.

    1. He tried to open the door. Locked. Tremulously, the milkman called his name. An eerie silence.

      He then called the police. They found him dead. Blue.

      How? When? By whom? No one ever came to know.

      An unsolved mysterious case. A bedtime story for years to come.

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