“I love the way we are talking today!”
“Its been ages we haven’t talked like this”
“It relaxes me so!”
“You know why?  Coz we haven’t talked about work or ‘troubles'”
“Oh is it?” Sheepishly, ” Actually that reminds me! Today at work … “,
“Oh does it now?”, miffed.
“Ah yes and….”
And the saga continues.


21 thoughts on “Conversation

  1. This is darned Cute I say. Thats how a long conversation went last week with my childhood friend . Ofcourse, instead of work, we had acads to crib abt.
    Ah, some conversations….I really loved reading his ka.

    1. It was meant as a complaint.. me and a good friend of mine.. i hate it when he cribs about “work”

      Yesterday I was glad that finally we are talking about something else and well.. he started again.. and I was miffed 😦

  2. Tell me about it 😀

    I know someone whose conversations starts and ends with work, despite me telling to changing the topic.

    Somethings don’t change..

  3. Interesting viewpoint, about how our professional life becomes the centre of all conversations. Hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve seen it happen to a few working friends of mine… I don’t necessarily hate it, ‘coz I know there’s a high probability that I’ll be talking about work a lot once I start working properly myself!

    Good read this one… cheers…

  4. so true 😀
    happens with me all the time 😀
    friend cribs , I ignore 😀

    such a cute one Winnie 🙂
    *envious of your ability to write 55ers * 😛

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