This is quite a loose review on Google Chrome. When it was released, I, being quite a google enthusiast, downloaded it promptly. Over a period of months I have found that.. well chrome is not really as much fun..

1- The shockwave player invariably crashes every other time. Which translates into the fact that I cannot open multiple windows with You tube. I wonder how, they didnt test it first on their products before releasing the beta version of it!

2- Google chrome uses IE configuration in the back end. Hence any settings you choose for IE is reflected in this browser. I am not really happy with this.

3- The most desirable feature of Chrome is that it loads really fast. For that it uses multiple threads. i.e for every tabbed window a new “chrome.exe” process is dedicated. Hence, if you use a lot of tabbed windows, like I do, you will see that not only chrome crashes but also, your system freezes time and again. I hate this!!!

4- If I switch from one google account to another, it gives me a “loop url” error, which means that the cookies of the old session and new session are crisscrossing. I wonder why the cookies from the old session not cleared automatically like in any other browser?

5- Everytime I login to blogger from the bookmark, it gives me no cookies error. Humph!!!

6- Don’t you think the logo is very similar to that of Windows Media Player ?

What I love about chrome is..

1. The bookmarks on the home page. It is really cool (Opera has this feature too)

2. The speed. It is the fastest browser I have used ( faster than firefox, opera and IE surely!)

3. The layout. It is no nonsense just important stuff.. like gmail or gtalk.. its trademark google and they should not lose it!

4. Incognito window. It is cool if you are not tech savvy and don’t want anyone to see which sites you visited.

5. And web history feature. I can access my recent site visited anywhere I like. I mean, I could have visited it at home.. and can revisit it in office by accessing the “Web history”

6.One specialty of Chrome’s tabs is that you can drag them out of the tab area into a new window. Reversely, you can also drag a new window back into another window’s tab section. You can also slide tabs around horizontally to re-order them. [ Source: BlogScooped]

All in all, the features may be good but the product is not quite ready to be publicly available ( even as a beta product)

P.S: This is my personal opinion( other than the place where the source is mentioned) . And I am not “techie”Β  so see it for yourself πŸ™‚ And if am wrong correct me

P.P.S: I absolutely hate the google chrome ads in orkut, which says its awesome that I am using chrome but then the browser crashes when I access the “videos” section!!


17 thoughts on “Chromed…

  1. I agree with most points here πŸ™‚
    but dont you think one has far less privacy in Gchrome? I mean the links do get saved…the tabs and all…the browsing history gets saved!
    moi doesnt like that feature :Dbut then I have not been using the incognito mode πŸ˜€

    PS-correct ME if I am wrong πŸ˜€

  2. I downloaded the chrome the day it it was released .And that was the only time I used it.
    I swear by Firefox:-)

  3. I’m using Chrome right now, and I’m lucky enough to say that I haven’t met with any of the problems mentioned here. It works quite wonderfully for me, much better than Firefox and IE, both of which take ages to load.

    To each his/her own I guess πŸ˜€

    Cheers… and I’ll be on the lookout of the problems that you’ve mentioned out here.

  4. ‘IE user’ has become a swear word! But I didn’t have such problems with Chrome either. I did my soulful songs tag with Chrome opening multiple windows to load Youtube songs and it worked fine! There were small issues but that’s what we have multiple browsers for. I love Chrome for its speed – even in Vista! But I use firefox for my linux OS. Chrome is not yet released for Linux!

    Destination Infinity

    1. I swear by firefox .. its the best there is .. right now πŸ˜‰

      Yes.. I still use chrome despite all the issues.. May be I should try downloading chrome again then… after all mine is atleast 3-4 months old

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