Of plays, gays and delays!

Catchy title no?  Well the delay is because of the “delay” in posting this.. not really.. .. its there coz it rhymes..  😉 


Well this weekend I went to 2 plays on Friday. This week was a veritable example of my Nuttiness which seems to be on the rise. May be I am growing old! ( As MaalD says!) 

So this is the situation. There was a play by Girish Karnad ( His directorial debut on Stage) which I wanted to view. It was to be viewed on Thursday n Friday. I guess, I booked it for Friday as I have offs on that day ( And I conveniently forgot) . If that wasn’t enough, I booked the second play.. 1 Madhav Bagh by Chetan Dutta and played by Revathy Menon.. (this was for 35 min only). The sad part is , I forgot this too. I assumed I am watching the first play on Thursday  and the second one on Sunday.. and I booked a ticket for my sister on sunday… ( She refused to go alone and the ticket was wasted 😦 😦 )  ** Laugh all you like. .. I can’t believe I can go this bad!! **


And now about the plays.. they were spectacular! Both the content and also the acting. It was an experience which should not be missed! 

In Bikhre Bimb ( trying to translate it as Broken Images or Difracting Images) , the actress Arundhati Nag, plays a character of a frustrated elder sibling sidelined all her life for the younger one, who is more intelligent, more beautiful, more sweet, patient etc etc.. and a disabled person. The sad part of the story is that the elder sibling cannot even feel the envy/jealousy.. for she is supposed to pity the younger sis for her disability.. Anyhow, this story is about the insecurity and the envy she feels. When she marries, she finds that even her husband prefers her younger sister to her. In her own house, she feels an outsider.. but she is also afraid of expressing it, afraid that she will be considered bad .. afraid of losing everyone who matters to her ( her parents were dead by then). There is also issues about “property” etc etc.. And then her sister dies. She finds this wonderfully written, poignant and very much alive with emotions wala novel written by her sister.. ( There is also an issue of seperation from parents.. she lived with grandparents.. and language divide.. the younger sis only talked in english  .. )

She tempted by the money this could fetch and also by the fact that making it her own publication, she could finally win over her sister..

However, her conscience makes her confess everything ( she was hiding it from herself too with various justifications). The beauty of the story lies in the acting.. The slow meticulous ways in which the conscience prods the authoress to confess.. and the justifications and the lies that she fabricates and tells every time.. and the final acceptance.. its a beauty!!!

And now the second play.. This is a poignant tale of a mother discovering that one of her sons, is homosexual.  Her struggle to grapple with this news and finally accepting it as something natural.. and that  her son doesnt change coz he is homosexual.. and at the same time, it touched upon various myths and clarifes the doubts. like whether it can be cured.. whether its heriditary etc etc..

The wonderful part of this play was that it was just for 25 people.. With such a small audience, we could actually see Revathy’s smallest gestures.. the nuances that are skipped on stage could be seen.. And in the end, we had discussion about the story .. and it was delightful to be able to talk with someone who has acted for so long as Revathy ( call me star struck but I was grinning widely since the moment I saw her) 

Though, I was miffed by the fact that she digressed from her acting, 2-3 times, to state that this is not her “personal” story and that she is acting. It was irritating.. but then this is her first theatrical debut so I guess we can forgive her.. its more like her acting more than made upto it.. it was spectacular.. 

And it was an experience to see an actor at work.. its like watching a painter paint.. you know.. seeing it in “action” and not the after math! 

If only, I could articulate all that I felt while I watched both the plays!!


25 thoughts on “Of plays, gays and delays!

  1. interesting Winnie! now I so want to see these…its been ages since I saw a play 😦
    moi wanst those tickets now! *bawls*
    send please?:D

    on a serious note I loved the way you have shared about them…and that alone has convinced me to go and see them 🙂

      1. yeah used to visit the ones in Delhi a lot..and now all of a sudden realise that its been ages since I last saw a play… 😦

        on a diff note moi is missing your one liners that you used to come up with on blogspot 😦
        where are they? 😛

  2. Winnie – You make me long to see them too! Both me and husband had always planned to go and see some plays whne we were in Bangalore – but never did it 😦 One of the things on our to-do list when we get back..

  3. Seems your grey cells have stopped working for a while ha 🙂

    Lucky gal, both the plays sounds good and would be worth a watch, but sadly I am long way away…

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