Who is right ? I learnt XIII

Everyone one of us think that he/she is “right” I wonder then, who is wrong


P.S: This post is dedicated to Indyeah coz she missed my one liners and Yogesh coz I realized this thing at his blogpost 🙂


38 thoughts on “Who is right ? I learnt XIII

      1. Then take the reasoning which works for them or which appears more suitable.

        If it is just an argument then end it with to each his own 😛

        1. How do we decide who is right and what is most suitable?

          We assume a certain set of thoughts.. if people didnt think and take ridiculous risks.. there wouldnt be anything new in life would there be?

          How do we decide which is right ?

  1. Not everyone is right…some are err on the left too 😀 the red kind of left 😀

    :lol:laughing at my own PJ 😀

    but seriously?(((hugs)) muah coz you are back with these! 🙂
    Now keep em coming …:)
    thank you for the dedication 😀

  2. I think, I should pat my back for making someone think 😛 Thanks a ton 🙂

    It totally depends on the situation which makes one’s thinking right or wrong. One’s thought may be right in one situation but wrong in another!!!

      1. 😀 Thank You Gal *hugs*

        Well, our decisions are based on rational or emotional judgments, but some are more experienced than us and they know better .

        After all learning from one’s mistake is just too much, we should learn from others mistake too 😀

  3. There is nothing like universal right or wrong. Everything is maya 🙂 We make believe others without realizing that we are also sailing in the same boat! I think we are just an ignorant race, that’s all!!

    Destination Infinity

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