The debate is most productive when the mind is most clouded.. when one has set opinions, debate is nothing more than a ego trip ( and best avoided)


15 thoughts on “Debate

  1. 😆 I guess you are right… and most of us are like that – with set opinions depending on how we grew up, what we read, what we experienced, who our friends were…
    So give your opinion and forget it 🙂

  2. I find them very hilarious coz people are more interesting in telling that they are right rather than trying to think that they might be wrong…

  3. when your mind is clouded, you are sure to have a set opinion. only a clear, UNCLOUDED mind can see the merits of both sides, and hence have a meaningful debate.

  4. hmmm… A debate is most productive when the mind is unclouded while a discussion is most interesting when the mind is clouded…

    brilliant one liner Winnie:) again:) see?the ones that force one to pause and think…I love …those words the most:)


  5. por in da mornin i a havin kaapee Pooheedee
    i am blink blinki blinki da screen
    trying to handerstan what you wroted
    whateesh deesh ? clouds in my kaapee ?(carly simon song)
    aiyoo ! clouds ? more rains pooheedee ? you said it rained yesterday, poova ting
    whattoo ego trip ? you goin somewheres ? Aiyoo ! Pooheedee goin Bumbaai again ?
    also also i am thinking also
    what thinking ?
    i am just scratching my yeddu blinki blinki
    i am goin back to sleep

      1. Kutta, illay daa Poohees, yavvry baady says da same ting, you drinkee so muchee strrrong kaapee how do you sleep ?, i sleepee very well, vonly vonly sometimes i don sleep when friends pile on me. sisters make bherry strrong black kaapee Pooheedee, full in a big flask, 24 hours supply, and i take widout sugar toos. i am not diabetic, i meens i don knows what praablames i have, i meens i am diabetic or not. i don want to know all dat BP TP UGC ECG stuff EEEKS ! never chekkedu, never been doctor for thatty years. idiot doctors i hate dem. i just want to die. Anodder trick is, my friends don touch my kaapee, sisters make tea for dem.

        1. ha ha ha! You share the disdain for docs like parents do 🙂

          So do we.,.. i mean ussisters.. dont like docs.. I dont like black coffee.. I am pankha of filter coffee with atleast a lil milk 🙂

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