Not fair!

” Its not fair!”
“What is not fair?”
” You are not fair!”
“What did I do now?”
” You are not fair! You are dark!”
” That I am “, laughs.
“And you are manipulative! You always get your way! You are not fair!”
” I thought we are talking about my ‘darkness’ ”
“So ? I talk what I like! Humph!”

P.S: This is a conversation I had with my friend.. seems silly I guess.. but I was kind of laughing about it when it actually happened 🙂


24 thoughts on “Not fair!

  1. lol, funny, silly but a sweet conversation 🙂

    That day I was taking my fren to task as she has bought 3-4 Saree’s that too when she doesn’t wear them. She was defending her purchase by saying that the Saree’s were a great bargain and it is because of the nature of her job (loads of traveling) that she can’t wear them.

    My “whatever” look gave her a brain wave…she decided that she will leave this job and join some co. where she can wear saree….senseless but hilarious no???

    I guess these sweet & light banter/ moments with friends make our lives easier 😉

  2. Hey Winnie the Poohi,
    the other day when i came over to your ‘song of my life’ blog i din’t notice this blog of yours and have been missing all these posts.. Finally added all of your 3 blogs to my blog roll.
    Keep posting 🙂

  3. same conversations ,same friends 😀
    so understand again 😀
    and then also in that last line that Solilo too mentioned is the Winnie I have come to know 😀

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