What do you do when you are pissed that a “X” thing was said about you by a person “Y”, when you said the “X” for/about the said “Y” person to “Z”?

If you are confused, let me try to explain…..

Well we are 3 friends ( like I said here, I love hanging out in trios always) . “Z” suddenly decided she had enough of us and well distanced herself and hence “Y” and me were left together. 

As it happens at different times, I said to “Z” how she could avoid “Y” like this? etc etc.. as friends do for friends.. what I didn’t know was that “Y” said the same for me… And few moments back in the conversation “Y” let me  know about it ( I still didnt let “Y” know) but I am supremely pissed as in how “Y” can do that to me… for until now I felt that “Z” contacts me coz she felt like doing it.. now I wonder if it was guilt induced and that makes me feel like a shit!

P.S: Please note that I did the same thing and that seemed to me like a ‘good friendly’ thing to do! How hypocritical 

P.P.S: On hind sight, if I had seen this in TV I would have laughed about it!


As an aside, what do you think is better? Icy sarcasm or full blown, melodramatic anger bout ?


27 thoughts on “Pissed!

      1. I agree with OG. “Icy sarcasm.” 🙂
        And people usualy choose sarcasm for that keep fact that it hurts more. 😛
        I know it’s not a nice thing to say or even thing about but most people get pleasure from giving/watching someone else in pain. It kind of calms you down and make you feel better. 🙂

  1. Full Blown Anger is better anytime I think. Been there and done that, its worked out fine wwith me:-)
    Hope you are better now:-)

      1. Although. I do the same thing. “full blown anger —> cutting sarcasm—> angry tears —-> Frustrated tears—-> tears simply” 🙂

      2. But doesn the battle with the self end there? When the tears come? 🙂 You feel better right?
        There are two beautiful beautiful scenes in Jab We Met. One where Shahid flushes out his Gf’s pic in the loo and the other where Bebo calls up the man she loves nd gives left, right and centre. Oh, I so love those scenes. And Shahid is so very drool worthy. Let me stop here:P

  2. Winnie!

    Honest to god, didn’t get a thing. Wish to come back and read. Will also read your story and comment later in the day if time permits. Very tied at work – and I don’t like it 😦

  3. 🙂

    My first reaction would be hain!!!!!

    But I hope u r feeling better now and these things keep happening between frenz so cheer up 🙂

  4. lol!
    Winnie even I got lost with the alphabets 😀

    but I know one thing..((((hugs))))

    understand and can only say…one day its going to not matter a damn 🙂 trust me:) for, one day you will realise just who it is that is worth it…and simply cut off all ties with those who dont matter..harsh but true:)

    till then keep ranting 😀

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