I was tagged by Nancy to write about numbers ( I wrangled the tag out of her 😉 )

And then conveniently forgot all about it..  ( I love doing tags 😀 )

But remembered it now.. so here it goes

10 good things that happened/is happening in life right now

—> My blog writing! It still flows wow!

—> Shift change! Working during the day can be a pain in the ass when the AC doesn’t work.. but well am making more friends in a week that I haven’t in 2 years!

—-> Conversation with sister early this morning ( just perfect! Only I was late to office)

—>  A poem being written for me and a dedication by a blogger friend here!

—> Pose picked up by blog adda for tangy Tuesday 🙂

—-> Getting wet in rain.. it is always fun!

—-> Watching Revathy Menon perform.. I am still reeling under the glow of that performance

—-> Writing review for OG 😀 😀

—-> Feeling so positively affirmed!!

—-> Shopping for clothes

—-> Late night conversations which leaves me with a smile ( before sleeping)

9 is the number of poems I recorded for LibriVox !

It is fun to record! do download and here my voice and temme how I sound 😀

8 is the number of clothes I bought this month 😀 😀

One for each day and one more for special occasion( and all of them cotton! I needed those!)

7 is the number of poems that has been written for me till date

Romantic or what! Feels great really 😀 2 are testimonial poetry on orkut . One this month by a blogger friend. One by a friend on facebook and rest by my ex 😉 ** Feels absolutely smug!**

6 things I want to achieve before this month ends

–> Learn to ride a two wheeler ( I don’t even know how to ride cycle!) {Been planning and doing it since 3 years ;)}

–>Start Volunteering!

–>Join the gym yet again 😉 😉

–> De-clutter my book closet

–>Get serious about the competitive exam I am supposed to be studying for 😀 😀

–> Spend some time alone!

5 is the number of times I have joined gym and stopped 😛

Ah the woes of it! I can’t even start telling stories of that! One of the gym instructor refused to enroll me back when I left the 3rd time. He was drool worthy **sigh! I had a mini crush on him**

4 things I cherish most in my life

—> Privacy

—> Writing

—> Life as it is now. Simply perfect!

—> My sweetie

3 choicest dreams of mine

—> To be a witch

—> To be a cut-throat spy

—> To be a explorer (pioneer kinds)

2 goals in my life

—->  To own a farm house with dogs cats preferably on a cliff by the sea

—-> To make enough money to make the other dream come true.

1 thing I admire most in people

—> Passion. Coz I think I don’t have enough!


23 thoughts on “En(c)umbered!

  1. 3 – i agree with only the third dream !!

    Explorer yay! Wouldnt it be swell?

    4- umm.. mine quite different so we leave it..

    What is yours temme 😀

    5 – havent thought once of joining gym !!

    You have 4 pack abs.. 😛 😛 I don’t 😉

    6 – You dont know how to cycle… he he he… very bad.. actually ! why do you want to spend time alone… its boring… i m alone for the 5th straight day and now its getting to me !!!

    Yes. I don’t. Have had many bad stories associated with it! Will write about it someday 😀 😀
    I love being alone 🙂

    7 – Wow… !! now thats an achievement !! gee… lovely !!! … also feels hollow… no ones written nothing for me… booo hoo….

    yay! *dances*

    8 is the number of clothes i wouldnt have bought in the past one year !! talk of simple human beings !

    I bought it for the whole year too 😉 I am a lazy shopper 😛

    9 My voice is like mukesh… and I didnt read this point.. and i wont try ! thats it !

    10 OG Review was fantastic ! getting wet in the rain is bliss !! conversations with siblings are the best… though we brothers have more of I am better than you types… !! and yes even we get delayed doing it !!

    there you go… I am so busy and yet !! I am keeping firing on the comments !!!!

    You are the best 😀 and you are next 😉

  2. lots of twists to the 10 point tag 😀
    Cycle riding is very easy learn it fast and then enjoy the ride 🙂
    8 dresses!!! last month i bought just 3 and when i am even about to say the word shopping my mom is starting to give those kind of looks 😦

  3. good one Winnie 🙂
    I also have a similar dream!!!! want money which is beyond the dreams of avarice 🙂
    loved you “rain post”
    congrats in getting picked for Tangy posts by blogadda 🙂
    What exam are you studying for?

    writing a review for OG? good thing? wow 🙂

  4. Ah, Sweet you ve ka:-) Night On the Graves- Never read the poem before. And you got this very very sweet voice:-) 🙂

    You want to be a witch? Same Pinch:D:D:D

  5. *looks in awe*
    what???so many poems??and here I am waiting for even one 😛

    plss to tell me where one finds poetic guys? 😀

    tangy tuesday?awesome!!!

    ROFL@gymn ..me too sistah! me too 😀

    oh believe me you have passion !
    it comes through in your words when you write 🙂

    more on Revathy Menon please 😀

    OG’s review was great 🙂 and your idea even more soJ
    Positive affirmations? 🙂 anytime for such wonderful ideas 🙂

    8 clothes?
    Come to my city..I will teach you cycling 😀 you can help me shop:D

    Choice dreams:D
    interesting 😛

    love the dream… mine too:) in a way 🙂

    so coming to my home ? 😀

    1. I dunno where to get them.. they get to me.. I guess writing poems myself helps no? 😀 😀

      @gym yay!! Lets start over-weight-ers anonymous 😀

      @Revathy menon.. remember the plays I went to ? One that dealt with a mom whose son is gay? she is that actress… more on her..


      her blog:

      About cycling he he he.. you are taking too much risk 😉

      Shopping anytime 😀 😀

      When can I come? 😀 😀

  6. Next time you go to shop for the 8th pair of that month, consider other ways of spending that money – like charity, among other things.

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