Toy Bank.

As a part of my “Start Volunteering” drive , I am starting a new series of “Volunteer”. I am going to start giving information about various volunteering options available around. [I wish I did this when I was actually volunteering a lot. But better late than never]

So as the title says, Toy bank is an NGO that aims to provide toys to all children. It is so easy to follow. You may buy new toys and donate or give away the old toys around your homes. The details are as follows:



Their Vision: A world where all children have a happy and healthy childhood.

 Their Goals:

  • To ensure that children from under privileged backgrounds receive toys through collection and distributions.
  • To bridge the gap between children from different backgrounds by creative play/group events/community events.
  • To make play space available for children through– Toy libraries in available infrastructures; reclaim open public spaces for children.
  • To impart education and values through a Toy curriculum; play groups; children’s parliament.
  • To design and thus provide toys that will be context specific, by having toys made in local languages as well.
  • To sensitize and advocate amongst individuals from all sections of society the need and importance of the right to play and the right to leisure for all children.

To know more about Toybank please visit :

Toybank has arranged for a toy distribution drive for the needy and disabled children participating in a summer camp at Lakshmipura in Tavarakere, Magadi Road, Bangalore Rural. IAR (Indian Agency for Rehabiliation) India is conducting this summer camp from May 13-16. They do it every year and they call it as the Tavarakere summer camp project.

Details of the event:-

   * Date : May 16, 2009
   * Venue : Summer Camp for the disabled, Lakshmipura, Tavarakere,
Magadi Road, Bangalore.
   * No of Children: 55-60
   * Age Groups: Will be communicated shortly
   * Time provided for toybank to engage the children : 10 AM – 1.30 PM

Directions to reach the location:-

   * Keep going straight on Magadi Road till u reach Tavarakere Bus Stand
   * Ask for route to Lakshmipura
   * Once inside lakshmipura, ask for site for summer camp for the disabled.
   * You may also follow the banners and sign boards hoarded by IAR
for assistance.


You can call the understated person for any questions and assistance

Bharath – 9945666454




36 thoughts on “Toy Bank.

  1. Well I like the idea of it. It sounds good. I’ve seen a lot of this the UK. And it has been successful. BTW, are you apart of this team?

    1. No 😦 Though I was active once .. Am trying t get back. I keep getting updates like this all the time. I wondered why not put it up so that people who want to start and dont know how can get information 🙂

  2. Good going Winnie.

    I still have old toys/games of mine but some are broken & certain elements missing. The thought of donating them did came to my mind when a similar drive was carried out by my office.

    I dropped the thought coz I believe they also deserve the right to have toys in good condition, just because they are under privileged does not mean that we should dump whatever we have on them

    Hope that makes sense…

    1. It completely does. But I do think that if you have something that can still be played with its better with them then it lies around in your attic/closet whereever.. But you do make sense.

  3. WordPress does not allow Javascript… (the page view/ tracker widget is not showing- some code is, we need HTML codes for WP, Solilo told me today)…
    And this is a brilliant initiative, reached here though Readomattic, where I am adding all the blogs I love.
    I will be keeping this series in mind for my friends also!!

    1. I know I know.. I forgot to remove it yesterday 🙂

      Oh thank you IHM.. I am so glad I started it. One of my friend asked to start it.. but I wasn’t that sure then.. but now I am 🙂

  4. What a wonderful thought! God bless you. Awareness on such programs is a must. Every year we donate to an orphanage. Infact I make Neha do the giving so that she learns to share. 😀

    Abt the templates, I went there and downloaded a template. Now how to get it onto blogger seems like the bigger problem. I thought there might be some place where it would say: import your own template!

    1. God bless us all 🙂

      I know what you mean.. its wonderful that you do it every year!!

      Oh go to Layout>Edit html.. and you have an option to browse and upload. Let me email you in detail 🙂

  5. Finally got here, after meandering and dithering, and vanishing and … 🙂 And you have been so patient with me 🙂 🙂 As always.

    A wonderful effort this is Meena, and your concern shines through. Looking forward to the others in this category. And while toys might seem trivial, they do brighten, no end, a child’s life! So giving that toy to a little one, somewhere has to be one of the best deeds of life too.

    Thank you for the information, and keeping us equally empathetic towards causes such as these.

    Blogrolling this site too 🙂

  6. thanks for sharing this Winnie:) though the old ones my toys that is are the ones I hoard(sentimental reasons ) I will give new ones 😀

    PS:-Ushus is a darling na?:))I feel like hugging her loads too:) after that long absence 😀

  7. Meens, Could you please send me that mail again? It is blank and also shows April 9 date. So I had to search for it when I saw a new mail sign. 🙂

    1. Will send it again! Damn my computer’s clk has gone haywire! I am waiting for it to go completely phut so that I can get a much needed upgrade.. it gets vetoed everytime I try to pass it in our household democracy.

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