Rain drop

The laden clouds darken my sky. I wish for the silken rays that would envelope me in their golden warmth. Promptly a drop splashes on my welcoming face.

No. Not that metaphor again! I  shall  say something spectacularly profound today. Something that would make every one  stop for a moment and think- Is this so?

And that would leave them speechless with nothing but “How true!”

I start  again in reverse. I await that elusive raindrop as the clear sky mocks at me with gay little cotton blobs. And then I am left with nothing but the fact that…

I yearn!


11 thoughts on “Rain drop

  1. ah Winnie! darling it is when you come up with words like these that I feel glad that I know you and read your blog 🙂


    PS:-It rained here today and even yesterday it had rained 🙂

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