Indyeah’s and Visesh’s LOL challenge and Solileo’s post have inspired me to post this… and ofcourse the fact that today I have all the time in the world!! This is worth howling for sure!!

Jaya pradha’s tryst with UP!

Can anything be more ridiculous than this??
Can anything be more ridiculous than this??

I mean really! But yes there is.. and that is when she talks.. it gets crazy then!!

The story of Jaya Prada tells you just what helps people, that are used to the comforts of movie stardom, keep going in a world so rough your rakhi-brothers could end up distributing nude pictures of you, morphed or not. She fields questions from us in her “Emperor Suite” in a circuit house-ish hotel on the outskirts of Rampur, 200 km from Delhi, delightful malapropisms dropping from her mouth like ripened mangoes from trees during a summer storm in these parts, produced with all the nonchalance of a Lalu:

It was one of the part of the game, people are affectionative.”

I want, dada, I just want to have a feel of occupation,” she says, suggesting that politics gives her a feel of being relevant, important, even occupied.

She talks in detail of her past, in staccato, Bollywood-style flashbacks, sometimes leap-frogging years and events, leaving you to find the thread again. But briefly: Supremo (NTR) asked her to help his party when he was in his prime, and then he fell sick, his new wife, Lakshmi Parvati, tried hijacking the party and she had to make the difficult choice between an NTR in coma and a Chandrababu Naidu on the rise.

I stand there in the middle of the road. I have to choose which side I bend,” she recalls, not knowing whether to go right or left.

She chose Babu who was initially nice, gave her Rajya Sabha, and then dumped her. She tried to return to Bollywood, but found that in Mumbai, meanwhile, things had changed and there were no roles for her, because she was good with “subbued” roles and now movies were different.

It was, like, dada, a car brakes at a hundred miles per hour. I did not know where to go. Pressure was immensive.”

So how did she find Amar Singh, we asked?

I knew him in Rajya Sabha, I gave him my introduce and his office always helped me in my work and my questions,” she says. But now she went to him for help with movies.

I know he is very powerful in Bollywood. And I knew Madhur Bhandarkar was making a film Satta. So I asked him to help me buy right to that film. I was told if Amar Singh calls, nobody in Bollywood can say no,” she says.

So you thought if you couldn’t have satta politically, you could at least buy the movie?

Yes, dada, kuchch to karna tha na. It was a difficult momentum,” she says.

But it did not work in this case. Amar Singh, on the other hand, asked her to return to Babu, which she dutifully did. But second time with TDP wasn’t so lucky for her. “I attended Naiduji’s big meeting, but I stood there for three hours just like anybody else. It was not possible for me to accept that,” she says. So she returned to Amar Singh, who sent her to Rampur, and the rest is history. She describes her situation rather jauntily as: “AP (Andhra Pradesh) plus UP (Uttar Pradesh) equals JP (Jaya Prada, of course).

P.S: Complete rip off!!

Sources: Outlook India and Indian express


20 thoughts on “AP+UP = JP!

  1. Winnie!! That was hilarious!! And that pic of hers in a ‘throne’ – it is so so irritating! Seriously, it is appalling – the kind of people we have representing us..

  2. I am still surprised at her win. The lady is so “in” the politics that she doesn’t have a way out. So she thought better be just “part” of it.

  3. This is hilarious. Although we should not make fun of anyone who speaks translated English, there is no harm in having a quiet harmless chuckle at some unintended gaffes…some could called Freudian slips too!

  4. I never thought she would win. i wonder how she made it possible. i cant generalize things but almost all the actor-turned politicians think that by just repeating those filmi dialogues they would win the election and come to power.

    that pic was good. at first i thought she was the femal version of bal thakre..the dressing looks very similar na..

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