Just before news hour…


Man! You got to see this and laugh.. dont miss the harmonium motion 😀


36 thoughts on “Just before news hour…

    1. I had nothing to do all day in office 😛 😛 and the last one was a touch and go… if it wasnt so fast in publishing.. I wouldn’t be able to.. my cab had come already 😀 when i saw this one.. and laughed loudly for enough time.. I decided this is bloggable 😀

  1. That guy is talented – man, he can really sing. I think he should consider singing professionally. I think there was a decent rhythm about how he tapped the desk. If this really went on air, he is lucky 😉

    Destination Infinity

  2. this was “el classico”!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just loved it!!!!!

    The first two songs were pucca cummunist songs….. 🙂 songs which were famous in my college as well 😛

    This video is brilliant….. Thanks for sharing…… 🙂

    got to listen to good old mallu 😛
    btw, new look of blog rocks!!!!

  3. hahahah! kollaam! Venu thakarthu!

    heheh! Thanks 4 d laugh!
    If you’re Winnie the Pooh..where’s Christopher Robin?

    P.S. First time: Hi!


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