The crown

She stood at the door for a moment. More out of nervousness than out of the need to be dramatic, but her face was impassive. Her innate grace and the noble mien gave such an aura of assurance and inscrutability that many were afraid to breach it.  And quite as few had taken it as a challenge only to be scorched by her razor sharp tongue.

None would believe that she once cleaned the very floor, she was standing on. But she had proved thousand times over that she is the worthy one. And that she was the missing princess. Taking comfort and possibly strength from such a thought, she entered the hall. 

She glided through like a swan, greeting her guests in a manner that was deemed proper, only to stumble mid way due to a tedious machination called as “heels”. Thus the crown slipped from her head and rolled over to a corner. 

The hostile guests didn’t leave this opportunity of mocking her and the hall resounded with eager albeit muted sniggers and snickering murmurs. Any other female would have blanched at such blatant display of hate and would have lost her calm. Not she, for she was made of tougher stuff. 

Without missing a beat, she retrieved the crown and quipped, “If I am to be the queen, and indeed I am, the crown shall adjust to me, not I to it.


38 thoughts on “The crown

  1. 😀 it’s a wonderful story!
    I’d love to be that queen… only I might have giggled foolishly if my crown ever fell!!
    Then again, i may have ordered for all the guests to be beheaded… 😛

          1. read that….. hmmm interesting 🙂
            I also read the “sagg Man”…..(me)…. It is so funny and most of it is true…… 🙂
            I am the clumsy oaf!!!!! 😛

  2. Is this our inability to adapt to situations/conditions
    is this our eager to show we are inbreakable
    and other’s should adapt to what we are
    Is that if we become powerful then we are superiour to others and so other’s should respect/adapt us

    A lots of hidden meaning in this post
    Indeed i used my thoughts after long time

      1. “overcoming insecurity”
        i dont agree,but the good part of this story is everyone can explain this story in 100 different ways

        1. also every person has a lust to be rich
          and there is a lesson to those who want to be rich

          i dont see any one can follow it
          its just a story

          man goes any limit when he get extra money

  3. Whew! That was deep as Smitha says 🙂

    I think just like that 😀

    *refer to leo females please * 😀

    but seriously this was beautiful Winnie!

    Me: *hugs hugs*

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