Coolest of the lot – If you are bored blame OG….

P and Q were the coolest people in the block err college, or so they thought.

As it happens, their college was almost at the end of the world, so it might be very much possible that they were right. I suggest you reserve the judgment until the end of this post.  You may though blame OG for making me so nostalgic as to write up this post[ Those you have the (mis)fortune of talking to me for more than one phone call have already heard this story and might want to skip this ]. Actually OG is not to blame for anything and everything makes me nostalgic.. be it be blog post or rains or summers and flowers or be it translating a Marathi document into English ( just for someone who like us had moved to bangalore and were at wits end to translate it for official purpose..)..


So as I was saying, the college happened to be on the end of the world wherein they still used dial up connection and load shedding for 6 hours a day was simply routine. And in such a place, on a crucial day, last date  for exam form submission, Q found that he didn’t have xerox copies of mark sheet and might very well miss submitting the form. P, being smart girl that she is, suggested going to the town to get the xerox. So, P & Q went to the town.( for you see, the bus service was relatively free.. they had bus pass)

And guess what! Just like in movies, after a long and thorough search for a xerox machine that runs on generator and hence is functional, they stumble upon a remote shop that caters just that. The man, understanding the urgency, doesnt waste a moment and starts the machine. Grateful , they express their thanks as the shop owner places the sheet on the flat surface. And just then.. just then the murphy’s law decides to show its face and the generator goes off. The battery died.

Undeterred, they decide to catch the local and try the next available station. They know that they won’t get the train for an hour but they do the calculations and decide that they can return to college in time to submit the form and promptly catch the train.

At this point, I have to digress and let you know that P was a hostelite and hence carried her train pass only on Fridays when she went home and hence she was WT (without ticket). Being a honest citizen, she told Q that they should buy ticket for her. He agreed but time was against them as there was a huge line in the ticket counter and the train might leave at any moment. As I said, the train arrives only once in an hour. So finally they decided to let it go. You might wanna note that this conversation was happening on the train  wherein a kind gentleman was giving them sweet smile all the time and they being the friendly souls they are returned the smile whole heartedly.

The train started and mid way between the next station and the one they boarded from the man showed his true colors. He was the TTE and yes they were fined. The whole of 50/- for traveling to the destination that would have cost them 5/- , if only it stopped at that.

Getting down at the next station they found that there are still such villages that has only one STD booth and absolutely no xerox counter and that there is a world wherein technology has not yet shown their face. They had to face the fact that they are stranded without any trains for an hour and yes without their precious Xerox!!!

But as I said, they were the coolest of the lost weren’t they? How could they let circumstances take control? They decided to hitch hike to the next station.. that is.. ( if their station was Z they were stranded in Y and they hitchhiked to X). They were lucky to get picked by a couple who were quite bored being into corporate world and all and hence were amused by 2 kids ( totally outraged) hitch hiking. They dropped P n Q ,not without a lot of admonitions about trusting strangers et al,quite in the middle of the city “X”, where they took the xerox and walked to the station and made it a point to buy tickets and finally 2 hours after they left, they reached college and filled their forms. Only, they were the last of their lot.

For others, in their good senses waited in college. The power came back within 1 hour and they took their xeroxes and filled their forms….

Thereafter, P n Q were to be found on many occasions arguing that if the power hadn’t come when it did ( as is the norm) they would have been the first to fill the form, whenever they were teased. But ofcourse they were never listened to. Thus, P n Q happened to get the costliest xerox taken ( it comes upto 70 bucks .. ( 50 for the TC .. 2 for the xerox … 5 for the ticket back and rest was spent for drinking frooti.. it was summer for god sakes!!)

I am sure you are not wondering who P is..

So do you think P n Q are coolest of the lot?


26 thoughts on “Coolest of the lot – If you are bored blame OG….

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    what a story…. you truly was “vetti” in college 😛 😛 😛
    dont say “blame OG” say “thanks OG” 😛 😛 😛
    what a wonderful real story….
    I have not exactly done stuff like that.. but yes, we have gone on many trips without knowing that we were going……
    My frd always used to say things like, “why dont we go to kottayam”? (from TVM). I know a good bar there”…… 😛
    (a good 150 kms)
    these were the kind of plans that were hatched in my college….
    My next post is also about a frd in college….. I am really getting nostalgic……… 😛 about those days….

  2. I am sure no one got bored reading it..that was one adventurous ride u had..
    even we friends used to run to the Xerox shop on the last day of submission and used to run from here and there.. but never this adventurous..

  3. The things one does… !

    All for a friend too :P! Not to mention adventure, excitement, boredom…. 🙂

    Sweet story, and no … did not in the least feel bored.

    shall I say “Thank you” Og?? :P!

  4. i this this is an issue of serious concern,every xerox machine should need backup

    ELSE certain P & Q will do something great and write a story over it

  5. LOL!!
    crazy crazy Winnie! 😛
    and a darling nut 😀
    my story too 😉
    and that about says it all 😀

    ME: He he he!! I knew you can relate to this 😀 😀

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