I have said many a times that I am a glutton when it comes to books and now I am going to prove it to you 😛 😛 Last weekend ( Saturday), as I said, I was on the mission of book closet cleaning. After a lot of deliberation, I chose few books and headed to Blossoms , one of the best used book houses I have visited till date. My idea was to sell a few books and pick a few more.. But then, what do you expect from someone as glutton as me? I bought 13 books and sold erm 4 books. [ And yes, the space problem has not been solved yet :(]

And since I have bought so many books I have been gorging it!! Have to say, this time I have picked up some wonderful collections!! I got to thank Thoorika and Rambler to have inspired me to write this post…

So the books I have read so far this n the last week…

1. Holy Fools by Joanne Harris of Chocolat fame.

This is the first book that I read of this author and I got to say I loved it to the core. I absolutely couldn’t stop reading it until it was done.

It is not a complicated tale. Infact, if you don’t read between the lines for hidden nuances, you won’t find any. But despite that, the book is nevertheless riveting..

The story is about a woman who happened to take refuge in an nunnery to escape prosecution and to raise her child. At the same time there is a man she loves and hates with equal passion. A man who could destroy her life should he wish it. And when such a man comes to her nunnery under a garb of a priest.. well I am not gonna give the whole story!

Though set into a nunnery , the plot is never boring or leaden with religious references.. and the plot thickens with lot of under currents .. **sigh** read it! my rating :8/10

2. Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee:

This book was recommended to me by a friend and also happens to win a Nobel prize for literature and yet.. I didn’t quite like it. This talks about africa after independence. About how the people learn to cope.. both Whites as well as the Blacks ( excuse my political incorrectness). On a side note, it also talks about the relationship between a father and his daughter and a man who was dealing with the fact that he is no longer as attractive as he used to be.

Somehow it didnt really resonate with me. but in parts it was amazing. Esp the parts that deal with disgrace. Disgrace of a man falsely accused of sexual abuse and that of a female raped just because she was a female and a white. Knowing for sure that she cannot fight back. And the disgrace of a woman who agrees to marry a guy for protection.. knowing that he had planned her rape as a strategy of expansion of boundaries. It is a powerful story yes, but leaves me untouched for some reason….

Rating: 6.5/ 10

3. Intrusions by Ursula Hegi:

Ever wondered how a book get written? And how does the book effect the person who writes the book? And how is it that the characters come to life? Don’t wonder for long and read this book.

It is quite humorous portrayal of the struggle a writer goes through to write a novel. By far, the novel talks about a female searching for her identity , beyond the usual stereotypes. And in many ways relates to her own life . Its worth a light read. Something you might wanna read while traveling or may be when you are not in particular mood of reading…

Rating: 4/10

4. Waiting by Ha jin:

Ever wanted something so badly that you could go crazy? And when you do get it you find that this was not what you wanted. Infact what you really wanted was what you always had and never noticed. This is the story of ‘waiting’ in gist. Throw in a little bit of Chinese culture as well as military hierarchy and their effects on real life and you get a receipe of unrequited love. A weak willed man. A strong insecure girl friend and a long suffering wife who likes nothing but her “status” as his wife. Beautiful in parts.

My rating : 5.5/10

5. Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami:

This is one of the most brilliant book I have read in a very long time! Absolutely revetting to extreme. A young boy runs away from home at the age of 15. And a cat tracker escapes after committing a  murder . Ordinarily, they should not have anything in common. But they do. everything. They might be one and the same person. Possible. In fiction anything can be possible.. isnt it ? This story is about possibilities. Of subliminal surreal world between life and death that we know nothing of.

A complex labyrinth of thoughts and events that have a common anchor. A song written by a lady ‘ Kafka on the shore’. Interestingly, its the only song she wrote and also, it is in a way prophetic.
You sit at the edge of the world,
I am in a crater that’s no more.
Words without letters
Standing in the shadow of the door.

The moon shines down on a sleeping lizard,
Little fish rain from the sky.
Outside the window there are soldiers,
steeling themselves to die.


Kafka sits in a chair by the shore,
Thinking for the pendulum that moves the world, it seems.
When your heart is closed,
The shadow of the unmoving Sphinx,
Becomes a knife that pierces your dreams.

The drowning girl’s fingers
Search for the entrance stone, and more.
Lifting the hem of her azure dress,
She gazes —
at Kafka on the shore

This song in itself tells not just the gist of the story but the story itself.

While this story delves through the philosophical rigmarole of karma et al, it also talks about love and morality and it is a mystery novel at that. For till the end you don’t understand what exactly is happening. If this doesn’t entice you to read this book then I dont know what would!

My rating: 10/10!!!

P.S: Got to add this is one book that makes you want to stop and think at the same time you cannot wait to finish and know what happens


24 thoughts on “iRead

  1. the amount of books you people read makes me seem ignorant almost… i used to read books but of late i just dont get any time… office, ipl, blogging… joggin.. just too much on my plate… !! sigh !!

    no i m not gonna pretend and say i ll read them… !!

        1. Bourne series? Its fun no ? 😀 😀

          I remember talking to this senior just to borrow his book 😉 I bet him that I can read it in one night

          He was shocked that a junior approached ( had a bad reputation) and secondly that I promptly got caught in the story and almost begged to complete it 😀 😀


          Those were the days when I could be bribed with a HP book to part with assignments 😀

  2. ah – Murakami, now isn’t he a superb tale spinner? Till now, all of his books I have picked have made me feel good of the fact that I picked the book… this book is no exception… If you havn’t read much of him, go dig and read his other books…

  3. I have not read any of them but Kafka on the shore captured my attention !! Lucky you !! I am still trying to search for a nice book store near my house !!!

  4. Kafka !! u remember i picked this wen i first met u .. havent read more than 50 pages !! and dnt even know if its still there with me .. will try once more if u recommend ..

    and nor to the main point … u dare come wdt a good book fr me wen u meet me next 😛

  5. I have not read any of these! And have to now! Have so many on my ‘must read list’!! Have to stop blogging – its cutting into my reading time 😦

  6. I feel like an illiterate in the face of this list :P!

    And me being in the profession I am.

    *sigh* time… time… if only it would lend itself to me :D!

    Voracious list too!

  7. LOL Meena….no not laughing at the reviews. Was laughing at u selling 4 books & picking up 13 😀

    When we meet up in Bangalore dont forget to lend me some of them 🙂

    1. But ofcourse I will!!

      @4 books.. I am telling you.. my sister wasnt laughing! she is tired of my books lying around .. near the comp.. near the tv on dining table over the fridge.. you get the idea?

    1. You are the 4th or the 5th person to tell me this 😀 😀

      I guess thats coz I cant stand the fact that it would be in the hands of random strangers 😦

      Yogi.. I have 2 closet full.. but rooms full of it is quite tempting.. infact part of my dream 😀 to have a ‘dream’ house with rooms full of books and 4/5 dogs 😀

  8. whoa!!quite something these books seem to be.. * these are going on my list now*

    its been ages since I read a good new book 😦

    You are so lending me yours 😛 😛

    Me: Babes come to bangalore and my closet is yours!!

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