Physics of Emotions.

P.S: Inspired by OG’s graphs 😀 

Today morning while washing the utensils I came up with an interesting fact! ( Ah yes I wash utensils and no we dont have a maid. We dont want them.) 

The fact is that human emotions are very much like electronic devices! They reall are!

Don’t believe me? Think about it….


Consider a diode. This is in effect is the relationship we have with our wants. If they are fulfilled we are happy if not.. we are not. [ For those who have been lucky to have not learnt anything about electronics, diode is a switch.. with on and off effect] 

 And then if its a Zener Diode, its characteristics is like this…


zenerAs you can see here, as in zener diode wherein when you increase expectations the reactions to it also increases. However, after a threshold level.. the reactions ( both positive and negative depending upon diff people) also rapidly increases. After a threshhold level, expectations dont evince any response. ( Mostly the place where we give up). 

P.S: I have not considered the positive part, which you would see in the wiki link provided. however, if you apply the same analogy, you will see that the threshold for positive reactions is way lower than the negative ….


P.P.S: I was to give the whole list of electronic devices like BJT etc etc.. but (thankfully) I lost interest and this languished in the drafts.. I thought may be I should post it before I delete it some other day..  You are free to skip this one ( intentionally mentioned in the end 😉 ) 

Dated: 27th April 2009


20 thoughts on “Physics of Emotions.

  1. M the first !!! Kya kya dimaag main aatha hai !!! Lolz !!! Am sorry to say but I really didnt understand the post at all..! Quite weak in physics and other aspects of science you see !!! 😀

  2. Winnie- You still remember all this???? I have long forgotten everything related to studies! God, I am going to have a tough time when daughter starts school 😦

    And btw, the last thing that enters my mind when I do the dishes is electronics! – I just remember to curse Leeds for not having enough houses on rent with dishwashers 🙂
    Very nice graphs!

  3. 😀 am more interested in the chemistry and biology of it.. and no physics theories .. tell me only about practicals 😀 hahaha

  4. 1) I AM LUCKYYYYYYY! Not learned electronics

    2) Seems to be a much needed post for blokes like me

    3) Interesting analogue and yes that point about beyond a stage expectations do not elicit response it true. Somehow, I was also thinking of the axiom ‘Familiarity breeds contempt!”

    Catawumpus indeed! Cheers:)

    Me: he he he! Idle mind is devil’s workshop.. but then devil is quite creative else how it can survive no? And you have a valid point… I would have made that point using FET.. but my short span of interest saved others from the torture 😛 😛

  5. Physics?

    ye kya hota hai?

    *Indyeah trying to slink away*

    I was to give the whole list of electronic devices like BJT etc etc


    *Indyeah faints*

    err I understood all of it


    nodding my head fervently 😛


    nah!unerstoodd it and have to say

    ME: he he he!!!

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