I played hookey yesterday.. almost felt like in hostel.. one of the reason is ofcourse the wave of nostalgia and the other one is that.. I did the same things I do while I used to bunk college… that is…

Lie on the bed reading a book while telling myself.. 1 hour to go.. I should stop reading.. let me read for 5 more min…

30 min to go… ahm umm 5 more min…

5 min to go... umm doesn’t matter if am late.. 5 more min..

Damn I am late!!

Runs to take bath (ofcourse 😉 ) iron the clothes etc etc..

Its too late anyways.. let me bunk today and read 😛

Thats when dad roams about in the kitchen looking for food! ( shit havent cooked anything!! )

But ofcourse makes jeera rice n raita ( takes 30 min due to special multi tasking ability) 

And then I kept reading.. one the novel got finished ( What else did you think I was reading?? ) I thought.. glad that I have bunked.. may be I can now read for the competitive exam I am planning to give.. less than a month later..  

I started the second novel….

its already 10 in the night.. I should begin studying.. 5 more min…

You know how this goes….. !!

As an aside, I am gonna get a new puppy home!! Suggestions for name please. Its a male puppy!!

Adding to this aside, I want to tell you guys about my office colleague. She has 12 dogs at her place. Its veritably a circus I tell you and I love it! umm but thats not what I wanted to tell.. 

This friend, Roopa is her name.. She adopts the street dogs. esp puppies that have been orphaned or dogs that have been hurt and provides them food and shelter.. 

Isnt it wonderful? I mean she doesnt make big statements or anything.. she simply does things that are close to her heart without a murmur.. I am so touched by it.. And you can know she is serious about from the fact that she came late to office coz she went tracking a puppy (on the street) taken by some miscreant !!

People can be so cruel to animals!! So this is the puppy I am adopting…

Ah yes I am inspired yes.. but the puppy is so cute and it is so scared! That puppy is 2 months old.. and god knows if it was tortured or not by those people.. but it looks scared!! hopefully.. sweety would be sweet to him.. else I might to give him back.. and I so don’t want to.. and I am totally excited!! It will come home tonight!! yay!!

And yes.. if you are wondering which novels I read yesterday.. it was the 13th tale and the amulet of samarkand!

P.S: No wonder I wasn’t online yesterday 🙂


12 thoughts on “Asides!

  1. hey congrats for ur first puppy.. I am so afraid of dogs that i dread to go near them.. hope u have a great time with him..

  2. aha…. playing hookey… you know in 11th and 12th standard our school was 12 to 6

    and for almost 2 years, i didnt go to school… we would either play cricket or watch movies… some times 2 at a go.. 12 to 3 and 3 to 6 !!!!

    sigh… !! those were the days… !!!!

    Son wants gold fishes for his birthday !!! Mine is a jain family and my Mom will get a shock when she sees I gift him gold fishes for his birhtday !!! lol…

    enjoy time with the puppy… !! i always wanted a pet as a kid… but not any more.. !!

    male puppy… name ?? shees… i tried… but all customary ones… lets leave it to more talented ones…

    1. LOL! Me too 😀 😀 **sigh** those were the days!!

      Gold fish ? ahh lotsa work for that! besides they die too soon 😦 my cousin has a fish tank.. they r beautiful no ?

      @pet.. me too.. I wanted and wanted then I brought sweety home 😀 and now a new one 🙂

  3. OH Winnie! That sounded like such a lovely day!!! I used to do that too – never played hookey – but ended up reading non stop – the whole night and went to work with blood shot eyes! I just cannot stop reading sometimes 😦

    Your friend is amazing! ‘she doesnt make big statements or anything.. she simply does things that are close to her heart without a murmur..’ – You know what – I have always seen that people who make a difference, normally don’t feel the need to advertise it! More to such people!

    So you have a puppy now!!!! Lucky you!!! I always wanted one 😦 Maybe when we get back to India for good ! I’ll get in touch with you and get one from your friend 🙂

    Btw, your updates just do not come up on my reader 😦 don’t know why:(

    1. Should i change the feed then ? Anyone else have this issue? :-S

      Lemme use feedburner 🙂


      Oh yes the day was quite lazily amazing.. I wish I could simply float away into fantasies like that!! *sigh* Reality is so boring!!

  4. How about Simba????
    or Caesar 😀
    or Bozo
    or Dozer

    or Dramaebaaz 😀

    well….u asked…;-P

    Me- Delightful names! Esp I loved bozo and simba.. funnily I came to know that this dog is a female .. latest khabar.. now give me female names.. though I am totally partial for cutie as we already have sweety.. you know rhyming and all 😀

  5. u have a really good frnd.. not everyone would do such a thing
    ur having one too right? nice…

    cheers 🙂

    Me- Yes I do have a nice friend 🙂 And yep adopting one.. inspired .. what else!

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