I learnt -XIV

Boredom inspires creativity , rather the quest of losing boredom does


No wonder Newton was observing apples and archimedes was bathing..!! And yes, I get my craziest ideas washing utensils 😛 😛


18 thoughts on “I learnt -XIV

      1. naa… infact since i m free and so bore… I am not able to post anything worthwhile.. i feel the best posts came when i was actually busy !!! lol 😛 😛

  1. lol.. ideas while washing utensils 😀
    boredom inspires creativity.. i agree…several of my blog posts came out of it 🙂

  2. I have been eating apples and bathing for a long time…have even eaten a few that fell from apple trees as I sat under them….have I been inspired?

    Tell me Winnie, what have you discovered washing utencils? Are we all wasting our time?!

    Me: you havent seen my physics of emotions post.. I get inspired by a lot of stories while bathing ( and poems too while sitting under the imaginary tree in my dreams 😉 )

  3. washing utensils?


    Why can I picture you standing staring out of the window day dreaming? and getting ‘inspired’ while the tap runs and the utensils dry with the washing liquid still on them?

    when I am bored I am juts plain bored..and as they say an idle mind if a devil’s workshop 😈
    same is the case with me 😀

    ME: Youve got that right 😉 happens many times!

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