Rise and fall – I learnt XV

To rise highest one has to fall many times over and rise again . But  for a mighty fall, rising once is enough.


Cheating isnt it ?


28 thoughts on “Rise and fall – I learnt XV

  1. Mayb tht person learnt his lesson well…..u knw just 1 fall was enoff was to get the msg.

    Nope it cant be cheating!!!!!

    Me- Why cant he learn success at one fall then ? why is failure so easy to learn ? 😀

  2. Meens, This reminded me of a quote I had it in my room while growing up. I got it from an interview of then IIT topper in Competition success.

    Success is like a cone. To reach the top, you have to slip many times. Also, there is place for only one person at the top so even after reaching there, you need to constantly work hard to have the place to yourself otherwise one slip and you will come sliding down.

    I love your posts. There is always something to think about and also positive.

    Me: Have heard this quote before 🙂 Oww Solileo!! That is so sweet of you!

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