My Hostel Group

P.S: This is a repost from my poem blog.. Usha ma’am might remember this .. I had posted it on Ah poetry before ..

Few scribblings on paper
Long forgotten.. words that taper
I remember those days.. remember all of them

Frolicking .. having fun
Walking on the dew soaked lawn.. walking in the sun
Together .. A mayhem

chattering long in the night
Conversations that soon became a fight
Conversations that lasted longer than the moon in the sky

Evenings on the D C H
Talking at a stretch
About… careers dreams ..Everything under the sky

Hanging on the wall
Looking towards the rainbow and the rain fall
Getting wet… that July

The study time in empty classes
Countless cups of tea.. drunk in glasses
A warm hug… when tension was high

Struck under the bee hive
Laughing and yet scared.. you stand by
Receiving scoldings yet saying.. I did survive

Those walks to the temple.. our secret nook
Sitting in silence by the brook
Aloo bhajiya.. Mirchicha techa.. we partook

Returning late long after the deadline
Lying left and right.. with expressions benign
Running away to the room with you struck making excuses

That worried phone call
As I dint let you know.. I was on a waterfall
With newly formed friends .. you lost your fuse!

Singing songs in the canteen
Bunking classes.. without being seen
Assignments copied .. always a ruse

All those memories we cherish
I am sure there are more you can add with relish
Crazy Days n nights of hostel ..

colors of my life, Colors with different hues

This poem is quite close to my heart for obvious reasons…nostalgic wave seems to be riding high..


DCH : The corner on th ebroken wall a la Dil Chahata Hai style

Mirchicha thecha : Kind of a village style chilli chutney  in marathi.. with very unique  taste


16 thoughts on “

  1. 🙂 Me first?

    Yes I do remember this, and the nostalgia that you created within, and still do… 🙂

    A lovely verse that encapsulates much in a few words 🙂

    Thank you for the re post 🙂

    Me: Owww *hugs*

  2. Ushus ?? u too ??

    lol !!!

    hey meenu thats a lovely poem !! wow…. college life was the best… !! and your poem is almost like true for me too !!! only no fighting involved !! lol…

    this is as classic as that song .. Purani Jeans aur guitar !!!

    lovely… !!!

    Me: Oh yes!! It was the best and that song is so wonderful!! 😀 😀

    aaaah i so miss my college days… !

  3. Hey first time here, came from Smitha’s blog..Nice poem, so true, one can never forget college and hostel life. I still miss my old friends, long chats at night, bunking classes, going for first day first shows…Life changes so much after that. I am listening to “Purani Jeans” now. A wow Post.

    Me: *hugs* Old friends are like old wine.. 🙂

  4. The tree seems so strong to carry so much weight on it’s shoulders 😀

    Yup, those days are magicial always bringing a smile as you look back…

    Me: ha ha ha! it sure was.. n we all r monkeys! It was the last trip we took after exams.. before leaving for home.. quite an emotional journey 😦

  5. you stayed in a co-ed hostel?

    running back to hostel at midnyte is one great memory indeed.
    ME: Not exactly… though both the hostels were quite nearby .. we spent a lot of time out of hostel 😉 by the cooler.. on that special wall etc etc

  6. Nostalgia is in the air Winnie..
    your poem struck a chord..
    so much said in these lines… *isgh*
    I am missing my college days…so, so much! 😦

    you have so beautifully captured all the hues…

    *hugs hugs hugs*
    I am missing school days and college days both now 😦

    *bear hugs* they can be never forgotten!

  7. You have a way with words. I think it is really tough to write poetry like that. I didn’t really enjoy those college days like others…. I don’t know why!

    Destination Infinity

    ME: I never really enjoyed school life.. until my 9th std.. not junior college as such.. but it was first for many things.. umm I guess every one has this special golden period.. not everyone has the same 🙂

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