“I am going to read for my exam today” ( in office)

“Really? Didn’t you say the same thing yesterday?”

“Today is a new day! I am more determined. Focussed”

After few hours,

“Oh wow! You seem to be really studying hard”

” Didn’t I tell you?” *grin*

” Which novel is it?”

Sheepishly, ” Touching evil by Kay Hooper”


13 thoughts on “Studying!

  1. Ha..ha..ha.. so this is what you’ve been doing?

    Meens, your posts aren’t getting updated. Today I come here to see couple of them.

    Also, got your mail today after 12 days. I replied. Did you get it?

    ME: Umm what do i do about the feed? use feed burner? ( I havent posted for a week and the couple of them were posted yesterday night 🙂 )

    And the email 😦 was posted yesterday night too.. erm the clock on my comp is screwed.. remember this happened the last to last time I emailed too.. I am waiting for the comp to screw up.. so that sis will agree to upgrade 😀

    1. I am not getting any mails from you !!:cry:

      I want emails from Winnie!

      *goes away crying*

      Me: Shall mail you a long long email 😀 😀

  2. Hahahaha! And something tells me that you’re not studying for a course even remotely like Eng. Hons! 😀

    Reminds me of my pre-boards days… 🙂

    Me: The problem is.. I never did study that seriously!

  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha! You’re just as bad as me. 😉
    BUT towards the end, I had to get serious and study (and I had Dhiren standing with a stick online saying YOU NEED TO STUDY!! 😦 )

    Me: oh yes 😦 In the end uve got to study

  4. 😆
    Winnie are you like you know my best pal or something? 😀
    this is soo me…actually all of us have had these moments no?

    Me: I guess we all do 😀 *huggles*

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