And she blogs….

She listens to the sound of clock ticking. Silent in the night wondering how did this happen? She looks at her mobile to check for the time. 2:56 a.m …

Why is she still awake.. more importantly, what should she do ? Tv is out of question. Constant reading has strained her eyes. The bed, a welcoming lush, awaits her.. Cold. Giving it a cursory glance, sighing again, she goes towards the fridge. There ought to be something that would cheer her up! 

Milk.. Nopes…

Left overs.. Nopes…

Chocolates/Ice creams.. A whooping no! 

Just for a second she wishes they would keep some stuff for later consumption…. 

Cant say the same about rice. The yesterday’s rice. 

She goes to the kitchen .. finds some nuts gobbles them up and then goes back to the bed room. 

Reluctantly she looks at the computer. Logs into the Gmail. No mails. Not even forwards. She knows, she is the one to blame. She has not replied to the emails what did she expect ?

No wonder there wasn’t any miss calls or smses. She has not returned the repeated calls. People have grown tired of her moodiness.

Wondering what else to do, she decides to play some music. For some reason that doesn’t soothe her.

Finally she decides to put it all in writing. And she blogs!


16 thoughts on “And she blogs….

  1. this used to be the story of my life. till twitter came along 😀

    sometimes twitter doesn’t help either…in the middle of the night, the few people online are usually the sort you just forgot to unfollow.

    sometimes sleep is the only cure 🙂

  2. ah!the reason behind posts galore 😀

    you know what?
    On some days this could be me 🙂 except for a few parts the rest is the same …the ‘dont feel like talking to anyone ‘ phase?me too 😦

    which is just baffling even for me to understand..
    *sigh* my own self..

    anyway..((((Hugs)))))))))coz nothings complete without that:)))

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