My Mango Memories!!!

Inspired by Nancy, I am going to share few of my choicest Mango Memories. Ofcourse there are many such moments.. But few remain with you more than the rest J

I love Mangoes period. Be it raw or ripe!

1. When we were young, infact even now, Summers means making pickles for the whole year. I don’t make pickle for the whole year nowadays, but the make shift one that stays for 1 week or so.. that we call Keetu Manga .. I am not really sure what it is actually called. (I don’t eat any other pickle esp not lemon pickle )..

So as I was saying, summers meant.. “thohayeil Manga” to start with.. with vedu manga and Avvakkai already set to marinate and ofcourse.. manga pachadi.. Mango rice.. etc etc.. While these are being prepared.. but ofcourse they need their “Kitchen King” ( Queen if you please) to taste and let them know if the “configuration” is right!

So yes, what if the 10 kgs of mango become 9 by the time they are ready?

2. Secondly, I remember being in my aunt’s place in Ambattur. I don’t remember if I have mentioned this before or not, but my Atthai is very much an orthodox with “ecchal” “patthu” and what not! So everyone (even us) had separate plate in which you ate. Your plate was not supposed to touch anyone elses or you have wash it again! And ofcourse you cannot eat the mango plucked from the tree and eat it by dipping it in the salt+chilli powder placed in the same piece of paper!

I know it sounds crazy! But that’s how she was and ppl humored her. Can you believe they had “plastic” chairs for the people they knew for sure are not “Brahmins” ?

So as the story goes, me n my cousins waited for my aunt to go to the temple, which was an usual habit, and then cousin would climb up the tree and we would cut it with the blade and will fully dip it on the same paper and eat it before Aunty came. By the time she did, we would be busy doing something else. But once she caught us out. We were not scolded but given cold shoulder for few days.. but my cousin… had it really bad.

3. Once, out of spite, I ate mango using my hands and then threw the seed into the well. I was ashamed later coz the whole well had become my “ecchal” but couldn’t do anything! So I kept quiet. Later on the seed came up with water and my Attamanni, the sweetest lady in the world, threw it away quietly. She guessed it was me but didn’t say anything 😀

4. Ah sneaking in one of the college memory here. It was exam time and we all were frazzled and bored beyond limits. Figure this, living in hostel, eating canteen food (which sucked btw.. more so in PL times coz they knew we wont go downtown for having food!), tension was palpable ofcourse. It made us do crazy things! But one of it was to go to the nearby mango grove, steal as many mangoes as we could, driven by the gardener and then rushing to the canteen to make that “Kolhapuri” style mango pickle.. Ah it was so spicy, I can still taste it.. ( mouth watering here L L ) And I had plates full of it!!

Phew! Now ripe mangoes………………

We all fought for the seed always. There are types of mangoes that has to be cut in cubes and there are that should only be eaten by hand with its juice trickly down your hands while you lick it up with a “slurp” Those kind of mangoes were a huge favorite.

And then there are ones like ‘totapuri’ that should be had only with salt and chilli power when its half ripe. Not ripe enough and not raw enough 😀

One of my favorite memory is of having mangoes on the roadside while we traveled. Every morning, my dad and I would get out seemingly for buying stuff from market (helping relatives etc etc) and would end up eating mangoes on the road to “sample” the goods before buying. Esp “neelam” type of mangoes which are so small J

Any how, that and eating idlis n dosas.. in the restaurants!

Other favorite would be making Aam ras with puri. I invariably made aamras and it always was 2/3rd of what was expected. But no one complained J

We always used to buy 1 peti of Mangoes so that we had enough of it anytime we felt like it. One every meal J

**sigh** I better stop here!


33 thoughts on “My Mango Memories!!!

  1. Modhal comment Meena! Used the word “modhal” because I was delighted to find some thamizh stuff like “vedu manga”, thamizh relative names like “athai” (who is typical tam-bram of course with “pathu” and all of those things which used to be followed in my family once upon a time) and places like Ambattur (which is quite familiar to me).

    ME: One of the important reasons why I don’t is coz my tamizh is really bad 😦 and yep typical Tam- Bram!

    I love mangoes (there are about five trees of different breeds at home so have never tried the stolen fruit. lol) too 🙂 Esp the ripe ones though I generally do not prefer the seed. Argh… too lazy for it.

    Pickles… not the type. But LOVE avakka? Well, who doesn’t??? And the Hyderabad connection only augments the love for me. Even I do not take lemon pickles. Only “paavakka” has tasted more bitter 😦

    Me: Pavvaka? You should try veppam poo rasam! Erm! Havent anything more bitter than that! Though you wont ever find me eaiting parka ever! You dont like seed? You dont know what you are missing! Even with raw mango.. I add salt n chilli powder and keep sucking it in until nothings left!

    I love these childlike posts… I can indulge myself too. Thanks!

    Me: We got to thank Nancy for that 😀

  2. Aaaarrrggghhh…..all ur description have me almost drooling here 😀
    Me: Drool on 😛 😛 I went out and bought mangoes today 😉

    Echal I understood but what is pathu?????

    Me: umm pathu is hard to explain.. lets just say any vessel thats not “ecchal” 😛

    Thothapuri mangoes wd be sold by vendors outside our school. For 25paisa we wd get 1 piece smeared with liquidy mixture of chillipwdr & salt…..ooooh yumyum. But now when I see the same vendor outside my school I shudder at his dirty attire & rusted knife.

    Me: I know! And guava too! I used to love “perus” and “bor” and “borkoot” you get the idea right? Oh and how can i forget the “chinna nelikka” ?

    Lovely post Meena, enjoyed reading it!!!!!!!!!

    Me: I enjoyed writing it!

  3. Mangoes are the best…. so muc talk of mangoes and now all of a sudden my colleagues head looks to me like a mango …. !!! 😛 😛

    Me: ha ha ha like that lion in madagascar? 😀

  4. haha.. many mangoe memories i have too.. cogos for drawing close to 500.. stolen mangies are always tasty

    Me: Stolen mangoes are tastiest of all 😀

  5. I don\’t cherish the fruit as much as I love the pickles made from it
    And when I do have it, it is chunks using a fork. Clean n Tidy!

    All efforts from Mom to make me love the fruit bore no fruit, I can say 😛

    Me : Mangoes are supposed to be eaten messily! Its like having a drink but without ice!

  6. Yummmm.. i want a Mango now 😦
    be it the pickle or be it the raw ones or the ripe once everything is so tasty…

    You don’t like lemon pickle?!! i like it.

    ME: Come on over 😛 😛 Nopes never liked any other pickle!

  7. ever since you mentioned mango pickles, my mouth is drooling.. especially when you mentioned the slurp sound..
    and Chriz is right..
    stolen mangoes are the tastyest..
    right now im staying with my friends near my college and our main food after the evening cricket is the stolen mangoes from the nearby govt property.. it is the unbelievably tasty..

    Me: ha ha ha!! I so wanna be there!

  8. Mangoes are the best Indian fruit :)…gosh my mouth is drooling 😀 …..but i don’t like mango pickles

    Me: You dont like mango pickles?:O :O :O Sacrilege!

  9. Not a lot of mango memories cos I don’t like them much. Surprising, I know:)
    Echal and Pathu! Ah, people in my house still stick to such norms and I will carry on with the tradition too:p 😀

    Me: No kidding! You will? :O :O Thats really sad 😦 I find it unbearable!

  10. 😛 ROFL…. a lot of tambrahm traditions make no sense in the present world……. 🙂 thankfully such traditions stopped long back in my household 🙂

    manga pachadi and avvakai are my fav 😛

    enjoyed reading about mango memories 😛 ROFL

  11. Mango is always my favorite Meenu.. today too we had a big raw mango but don’t have Salt and Chilly powder.. so didn’t eat them 😦

    From the childhood I have a utmost craze for it 🙂 and also pickles.. I will just keep it in mouth for hours and enjoy it 🙂

  12. Please think about us sad souls who don’t get good Mangoes here. Loved your description and usage of traditional terms. I loved Raw Mango cut into tiny pieces + Sea Salt + Pearl Onions + Red dried chillies…..YUM.

      1. I used to love Mazaa in India. Here I don’t trust the stuff we get in Indian stores but we do get something like fruit rolls and once I found something very similar to ‘aam papad’.

  13. I LOVE mangoes 😀

    Amm in any form!just give them all to me 😀
    Aamras..aam paapad!
    aam panna! Aam curry (a swet and salty kinda curry made from raw mangoes)

    yummy!!*drooling!* 😀

    every summer we get petis and petis too ..yeah one at meal times 😀

    And then there are ones like ‘totapuri’ that should be had only with salt and chilli power when its half ripe. Not ripe enough and not raw enough
    oh man!!you SO get me!!this is what I saifd on Nancy’s post! 😀
    these were my ABSOLUTE fav!! 😀

    questions 😀
    what is ecchal? 🙂
    What does Attamani mean? 🙂

  14. I like vadu manga pickle. In fact, to make me eat thayir sadam, my mother used to do vadu manga – other wise I don’t eat! I don’t like the normal pickle though! The raw mango is too khatta for my taste, but the ripened ones are lovely. I like them so much. If they don’t heat up the body much, I will eat much more…. But it is good to be a controlled eater!

    Destination Infinity

  15. oh Meenu – That was such an enticing description! You had me drooling! And reminded of the time when I was growing up and our garden had 2 mango trees – with the tastiest mangoes I have had so far.. They were perfect for pickling and perfect for eating! And wow – the amount of mangoes I ate then !!! How I miss those days..

    Me: And me ! 😦 Though its not so bad yet .. I do eat a lot of mango 🙂

    ‘there are that should only be eaten by hand with its juice trickly down your hands while you lick it up with a “slurp”’ ooh!!! I want some now 😦 And all we get in Leeds is sad , sickly looking mangoes 😦

    Me: Oh so sad 😦 😦

    And all this talk of Vedu manga with thayir saadam ! I want it now!!! I used to wait for thayir saadam – which was made only for train journeys 😦 until I went to college – where it was made everyday 😦

    Me: Is it? Thayir saadam was like the staple food! ( still is ..) as long as pickle was there 🙂

    And your Attamani was sweet to not create a fuss 🙂

    Me: She is a sweetheart!

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