The call

She puts the bundle near the fireplace. For a moment, she dithers, but with a new resolution throws the bundle into the searing fire.

There. It’s done.

She wonders if it wouldn’t  be better if she deleted his contact number too? That shows a certain finality.

Just then a call – ‘Hey.. how are you? Long time!’


20 thoughts on “The call

  1. A that moment I would have felt like breaking the phone itself 😀

    Me: Or may be all cool n collected.. now is the time for revenge :devil:

  2. The act of finality is almost always the most difficult one. It is surgical – one ought to have the strength to face up to the inner repercussions and come out.

    Sooner or later we all do it though. Best wishes!

    Me: I agree! It is but natural that we do though.. else the wounds won’t heal 🙂 Thank you dear and same to you 🙂

  3. @ deleted her contact number…..i did it long time back heheh 🙂
    in between ..nice 🙂

    Me Oh you too!

  4. I just did this a month back….It was terrible and second time…And it was my best friend. I know this. Second OG, Classic and sema standard!

    Me: Arc I know what you mean 😀

  5. aiyo n thank god!!!


    timing is eveything…..

    this is both co-incidental n ironic!!

    is it non-fiction winnie? 😉

    Me: For me yeah! But many can identify esp OG here 😉

  6. Nice! Feel good ending for a change 🙂 But was it what she wanted? Did she really want him to call her ?

    Me: That is something that only she can tell 😀

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