To you!

To you,

I have been thinking for a long time before starting post, how I should address you.. not that I really want to talk to you in any way. One of the reason why I haven’t ever mentioned you in my blog. But then, there are times that you just have to move on and have to face whatever that you did.. and whatever that you felt.

I could have surely replied back to you on the email but then I choose not to. This could be ‘public’ for sure but then the choice lies with you to either reply or not reply.

Firstly, let me tackle the most simplest of your statements. You said ( rather wrote if you please) that you stumbled upon my blog  through a google search. Can’t believe how wonderful that feels! Either am so popular that my google rankings are real good or may be you were looking for me in particular 😛 I am curious really! What keywords did you use?

And now about the other stuff that you said.. not that you mentioned something new there. Oh yes! I may have deleted every of your comments but I have read all of them. I wanted to see how below the belt a person can go. How viciously one can talk about a person “he” claims to love. Call me perverse if you like.. I like to think i am curious in a weird way..

You know what? There are more stuff that I would like to tell you that are just too personal in nature.. I see in hindsight that keeping mum wasn’t a right decision. So incase you happen to stumble upon my “blog” again using google. Oh better yet! May be you can use bing !  So .. as I was saying, if you stumble upon my blog please do use the red ‘x’ on the right hand top side of your browser. It isnt that hard is it?

I just can’t believe how jobless you can be. To have tracked down my blog.. read through my old archives and comment on one pertaining to you or him whatever in like 3 years! Sheesh! Get a life!

Hoping that you got the message,



P.S: I know this is quite personal guys.. so I have turned off the comments to this… And the person whom it is addressed to.. if you wanna reply.. do use my email address.. am sure google will help you find my email address 😉 or use your memory!