The gift

He loved her since childhood. She was his.Always and forever.

He wondered what he should gift her for her birthday.

The red rose whispers of passion, And the white rose breathes of love” she used to sing.

He remembered that and laid a single white rose by her side.

Soon it was covered with the blood gushing out.

Perfect!” he thought.

Prompted at : Carry on Tuesday


43 thoughts on “The gift

  1. nice one..with a twist in ‘blood gushing out’ like some old romantic bollywood movies…’pyar ke liye jaan bhi de doonga’:P

    Me: Erm nothing romantic about this 😀

  2. Oooooooooh … giving me the shivers!! Lovely one with an unexpected twist!!

    I have an award waiting for you at my site, please collect. 🙂

    ME: Just saw that now. Soon will put it on my blog 😀

  3. Pain!’

    PS: I do not believe in supserstitions but a red rose actually slipped out of my hand!!!

    Me: What were you doing with the red rose haan? *mischievously speculative look*

  4. Where did your last post go? I read it on my reader – finally it seems to be updating me 🙂 and when I hopped here – it wasn’t there 😦

    Me : I put it on draft… needed a wee bit of editing and am putting it up now 😀

  5. Winnie !! Why such a gruesome post? 😦

    Me: I dunno. I am kinda attracted to such aspects of human mind.!

    I now demand one absolutely, fulltime gushing, fawning, sickeningly romantic post! 😛

    Me: Your wish my command 😀 The next post is quite mushy 😀
    bas ! I want it!

    I want my dose of romance here 😛
    and no hushing blood there or anything

    😛 😛

    muah! 😀 and now being the darling you are you will write na? 😀

    Me: *hugs* How can I not? When my very own celebrity demands it? 😀

  6. Thought of Vampires, but they went out of business in India, Netas are bleeding the country white instead.

    Me: For all you know! Netas r vampires possible no? 😀

    Actually Pooheedee, the vampires got scared of Indians spitting paan everywhere.

    Me: he he he may be they couldnt make the difference between blood and paan spit 😉

    A vampire steps in to dark street and sees red red blotches on the walls everywhere
    arre’ baap re’ bhaago, mahaa vampires here, oh deeah !

    I have a beeda on occasions when friends insist after a sumptuous meal. But who would spit paan on a white rose ? PICHIK.

    oh yea you say blood.
    i think he is in love with a goat.
    the guy poured some ketchup on the white rose before presenting ???

    Me: nah! He killed her 😛 😛

  7. Meena, I’m so surprised at everybody’s questions…I knew exactly wht u wrote!!!!
    We go a long way huh 😀

  8. Whaat a post for me to peep in!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Dont worry, inspite of all the blood, I would still be visiting!:D 😀 😀 Oh, did I say that I blgrolled you? 🙂

  9. This was very, very good, but this’ the problem with 55ers – of multiple valid interpretations.

    E.g., I thought he’d laid the rose at her grave & committed suicide or just dropped a bit of his blood to feel pain. A small technicality being, dead people’s blood doesn’t *gush* out, as the heart stops beating! 😛

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