Of signs and omens and et al.

P.S: One more of a draft.. this was actually written on 26th June 09 🙂

I dunno if I ever told anyone here before… but I am fascinated by the whole paranormal aspect of life.  Infact one of fond fantasies is that I am a witch albeit a nice one a la nora roberts novel.

Most of the time I happen to think ( delude if you like) that I have intuitions. Like if I dont like to do something ( and yet I do it coz I dont wanna believe) more often than not it always ends up in a trouble.

Lets say if its about meeting someone.. that someone won’t turn up.. or if it was about going to some lecture.. that lecture would get canceled. etc etc etc

I have been recently gorging on Kay Hooper’s novels until I had enough ( 1.e nearly 10-12 books later)  and I found that well the kind of explanation she gives is very much plausible and makes complete sense!

She talks about electromagnetic fields .. and that few people have brains more sensitive to the surrounding environment and that they excite certain nerve endings that generally we dont use. and hence sixth sense.. intersting no ?

I also believe in signs. Like before my last mobile got lost.. I used to keep forgetting it as if something was telling me to take care of my mobile more ( but then you can also say if I was careful.. I wouldn’t lose my mobile in the first places.. ) Ah well poor example..

How about this one..

One of my friend was telling me the other day that ppl in her office were planning for an outing for a long time  and nothing worked out. One fine day they decided to go no matter what. Their boss even forced his younger son to accompany them even though the son had exams in few days and wanted to study. His logic was , in his line of work, he hardly gets time ( they work in NGO) and hence family outing is minimum besides the kid was quite studious.. and well so they all went to Mekedhaatu. And within 5 minutes of reaching there, the kid fell in the water and died. His body was found 2 days later. Now t makes me wonder.. whether the old superstitions were actually based on some facts like this ? eh ? When something doesnt work out repeatedly.. it is better not to do it ?

Oh yes.. and ghosts.. how can I not talk  about them ! Do you guys believe in ghosts? I dunno what to think really.. but I have heard a lot of stories ofcourse..  Infact just few weeks back me n my friend were discussing about this.. Our office is supposed to be haunted.. so no one ever goes to tarrace in the night.. not even for a smoke.. n if they go.. they go in lift or umm in groups 😀

Also.. the ghost is supposed to be in the 3rd floor ( we r on first floor) .. One of my colleague was talking to his girl friend on the third floor .. It used to be empty then.. come to think of it.. that floor is never occupied for more than 2-3 months.. oh yes and that guy heard some noises and he got so scared that he left the job 😀 ( actually he left coz he got a better job.. but this sounds more exciting na? )

but he did hear those noises 😀

Near our school there was this house that was tauted as being haunted. Any female who was left alone there .. used to burn.. in that house some female had died ( dowry death) and since that there had been nearly 3-4 fire accidents. It was some kind of a legend there.. so dunno how true it was.. but 2 fire accidents happened while I was in school.. umm they then demolished the building.. it was illegal ( building was)


So got any paranormal stories to share ? 😀


41 thoughts on “Of signs and omens and et al.

  1. i do have some magical thinking…

    i feel free tarot readings daily on msn for me are totally accurate…always!!!

  2. You sure have something going for you in this very exciting and often dark field…

    Well, if you really want to be a good witch, then there is someone you must contact, someone I had read about in a newspaper perhaps 20 years back. Here is the link; you can take it further from there if you want to and are destined to. http://ipsita.hellorosetta.com/

  3. Your post was getting too good until you mentioned about the ghosts !!! Yesterday blood, and now ghosts !!! Do you have any idea how eerie all this is??? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Its not that I believe in them, but god damn, Im scared of them !!! 😀

  4. Paranormal activities keeps me hooked. Yeah, I know about the intuitions you talk, happens with me too.

    I guess our subconscious plays a part in it. Read about it somewhere.

    BTW who is Kal Hooper, does he writes about paranormal activities?

    I know a lot of ghost stories, thanks to all my friends in my old office where we used to tell ghost (mostly true) stories past midnight. Enjoyed those moments.

    BTW, Hope you have heard about the last local train to (don’t remember the place name) where a ghost of a women jumps out of the train.


    topic after my heart!!! excuse me as i type my reply in word doc n paste it here!!!!

    wanna make sure i’ve said all i want to!!

    till then..HUGS!!!! 😀

  6. Winnie, I love paranormal stuff too and ghosts too. 😀 That’s one reason I watch every scary movie out there too. But yes! I do believe in intuitions sometimes. Sometimes you just have a feeling about a person or a situation and then it comes true. It has happened to me couple of times.

  7. For me, the intuition works in the reverse. When ever something good happens, and I take up something, it fails! The intuition acts like a bait to fulfil the higher purposes of life, I think, at least for me!!

    Destination Infinity

  8. Really really late reply, but thanks for commenting on my space! 🙂

    Hehe a post on ghosts.
    I will read this tomorrow morning ok? Its midnight here and I am someone who gets very easily scared even by the mere mention of ghosts. 😛

  9. Lolz! there is a ghost even in clg !!! and hostel girls claim to have seen here!!! in Yellow T shirt and Pink PujamaS!!! 😀

  10. Paranormal-smthng beyond normal , sometimes somethings have no explanations and times we just over think things

  11. wait!wait! I just read the first few lines and had to write this before I read further 🙂
    I love Nora Robert’s magical world too 😀
    and yeah I too dream of the same 😀
    witch, spells et al 😀

  12. intuition? probably would be a good idea to have you by my side eh? 😀

    I do have a good story to share except that its better when its told face to face 😀

    scares the living daylights out of anyone (didn’t ahppen with me..just one of those urban legemd things floating around) 😀

  13. one of fond fantasies is that I am a witch albeit a nice one a la nora roberts novel

    Tee hee!!! 😀 didn’t cartoon network also make witches look delightful??? And not to forget, Sabrina the witch from Archies comics! 😀 her aunts are hilariously cute!! 😀

    I too am very curious by the Paranormal aspect of life!

    U talk of electromagnetic fields, which I have read of and spoken to with a Metaphysical Institute Teacher….and the discussion was very interesting.

    He too told me of how we are magnets by ourselves, and hence the explanation and terms like “vibes”. We too give out vibes and receive vibes and out vibes are largely governed by our thinking….which comes to the theory that we attract from the Universe vibes that match what we give out…
    Positive thinking gives rise to positive energy, that in turn attracts the same and vice versa!

    A more interesting thing he told was that even out choice of words affects these vibes! Using assertives generate positivity!

    Winnie….are u asleep yet? 😛

    So he said, that higher we increase the positive energy, better we sharpen our sense to the universe, which means our sixth sense! The power of intuition. Also called the “Third Eye” that rests between our eyebrows…

    He said we are attracting ppl, incidents and circumstances by sending out electromagnetic signals….and it seems we are affected by a lot of magnet forces of other planets and even the moon. I don’t recall weel, but he told of some connection between the force of moon’s field and pull that has an effect on minds of certain ppl, who may be showing deviant mental behaviour. It seems the full moon plays with this deviancy….which is what also gave rise to the term of “Lunacy” which is derived from “Lunar” attributed to the moon.

    Now are u asleep??? 😛 😛

    I know I rambled on, but with a post like this that’s my fav topic…u called for it gurl!!!
    Hugs! 😀 😀

    Signs! Yes…it seems they are best understood by ppl who have higher access to their sixth sense (meditation is supposed to elevate it, not chanting…just any form of concentrative meditation that trains u to make ur senses more aware and responsive of the environment) I’ve had those signs too, sometimes I’m right, sometimes not! 😛
    But that is one sad demise 😦
    Sorry to hear of his loss…..
    Ghosts even I dunno what to think of! Some girls in school used to do that “spirit calling” with the candle and coin n stuff! Then our principal had a stern talk and they stopped! 😀

    actually he left coz he got a better job.. but this sounds more exciting na?
    LOL! Yes, it’s more exciting, we’ll believe that was it!!! 😀 😀

    Me got a paranormal experience that’s on the positive side! Will share on a post..as it is, I’ve made a post here in ur comments section!

    Hugs winnie!!!! 😀 😀

  14. sometimes i think its all so very true .. some people do affect the way things work !! maybe in a very subtle way .. but they do have some authority !! and about events, it depends on your belief !!

  15. Hi Winnie,

    We all have the intuitions, it is just a matter of whether we choose to recognize them as such, to lend them any credence. After all, we are all made of the same, continuous, eternal stuff, which isn’t separate from the divine. It is ALL energy at varying degrees of frequency. Those more tuned in recognize these thoughts/feelings as intuition and heed them, and are likely more fruitful in some way for it, in a sense “going with a flow”. And the paranormal/ghosts–too many experieinces to list here, but I’ve seen with my eyes and been scared shitless. And these days iff I experieince something I kind of ignore it. It doesn’t frighten me any more.

    Fabulous thought-provoking post.


  16. Now witch & all? What r u upto gal :D? And ghost stories? Though have heard a lot, sometimes get scared too 😛 but have never encountered anything in real till now…TOUCHWOOD for that, have no intentions to encounter one at all 😀

  17. What I found (and this has been my observation in general among people) is that the weaker you make your own heart, the more ‘paranormal’ you see/ experience.

  18. I am not sure if this is paranormal… but during the last five days I have been away from Bombay, the small and big things have happened in a way that has coincided with my intuition.

    On my way to CST I had a passing thought – not even that – how would it be if my SL ticket were upgraded??? And it was to my surprise!!!???

    I had this weird feeling that Saturday – the day after my departure – it was going to pour cats and dogs; and apparently that was the rainiest day of the monsoon… though this may be more commonsensical than intuitive.

    There were other things such as the return boarding pass number, the approximate times at which I got replies for my text messages :P. It was super fun, just to observe all that.

  19. Oh, you have tried to be analytical in stating all incidents..but I too have had some exapmles where my sixth sense has given me messages that eventually have proved right. Mostly about people…
    This is so interesting, you should give more instances…
    My cousin used to get the smell of agarbathi in the balcony(enclosed) of her house, even though it was not there…

  20. Hiyee Winni the poohee
    how are youuu ?
    i am fine here
    its so nice and cool and everybody is playing cricket
    so sad i never played cricket
    i was too busy singing composing
    its really lovely here
    i pluck chocolates from the tree
    i scoop ice cream from the pond
    different ponds different flavours
    come here soon winni
    i love you
    Micheal Jackson.

  21. hello? not been online in awhile? not seeing ur comments on my blog nowadays… hope all is fine…

    now regarding ur post:
    She talks about electromagnetic fields .. and that few people have brains more sensitive to the surrounding environment and that they excite certain nerve endings that generally we dont use. and hence sixth sense.. intersting no ?
    very VERY interesting.

    i m not sure how much i follow that ghost theory of urs… but anyway the rest of the post is interesting. and yes i’ve seen/heard my share of stories of haunted buildings.

    as for intuition or sixth sense, it very much exists. and in some ppl it’s more apparent than others. i’ve always relied on my intuition for certain situations and msot often they’ve turned out rite 🙂 so i can speak on atleast that topic confidently…

    Me: It is interesting *sigh* The more you know the more you want to know!

  22. hmhm–

    one spooky post….

    I think that human mind crafts stories on what it cannot comprehend and paranormal is another such Idea.

    I do accept that not all thing in the world can be explained but not all abnormalities a re spooky… they are just made to look that way by us who are not used to such stuff..

    ME: I dont think it is spooky. Its unknown hence scary. Like early man was afraid of fire and rain 🙂

  23. I have been away for a while and come back to read two great posts (as yet)… I don’t believe in ghosts and I am only scared of humans, not much of animals even…

    Me: I know what you mean! I am scared of horror movies though. I am a real tearjerker!

  24. Meena, very you… 🙂
    Not the superstitions, but the way you write of them 🙂

    Back here, after an age. Now, where are you??

    Me: *hugs* I am back I am back! And welcome back 😀 😀

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