Afternoon Seista

untitled It was a sunny afternoon. My companion was still sleeping, dreaming her wonderful dreams,  while I looked out of the window, observing the passersby. There were not many. A small  kid of 4-5 years playing ball on the road with his imaginary friend. An old man chiding him to stick to the pavements. A woman in the next building hanging clothes as the wind blew on her face.  And there was a lady waiting to cross the road at the corner, lost in her thoughts.

I wondered what she was thinking. She seemed pleasantly happy. In a way, she was day dreaming. As the signal changed, I saw her looking this way before crossing, just to be sure. I couldn’t help but smile.  Then I recognised her. She was… She was my wife.

There it was. My living nightmare. My most cherished dream. I willed her to look up, to notice me. I hoped she would. Then this charade would end. This game of lies that I played with each living breath. A farce that wasn’t even original.

And then she looked up. And I … forever a coward, instinctively moved backwards. She hadn’t seen me. She was looking at the birds flying in tandem to an unknown music, perfectly choreographed.  I was glad for a moment, and yet, despair seemed to raise its ugly head.

Was it that she trusted me so blindly, or was it that she knew and accepted it as a passing fancy ? And yet, with contrariness of emotions, I could feel a rage building within myself. But whom was this rage directed towards? Her for not noticing?  or me , for wanting her to notice and letting truth come to light, or towards my lover, who by her sheer presence made these lies necessary?

I looked at her receding back. She looked happy. A stranger on the road. My wife. She was happy. I wasn’t.

Presently, my lover demanded  to know what caught my attention. I said, it seemed like raining , as I closed the windows and returned to her welcoming arms.


19 thoughts on “Afternoon Seista

  1. the new look is wonderful Winnie! i loved it!
    Coming to the short story, as always it was good..
    and one more thing, i am first 🙂

  2. You have a way with penning down the most complex aspects of human relationship without great fuss but with subtle magic! Keep up! 🙂

    I loved the narrative style too…

  3. You have a knack for this Winnie.
    have told you this before and telling you again 🙂

    you portrayed his feelings really well..his dilemmas..his guilt…the way he tries to shift the gilt onto his wife……and in the end the way he once again wants to escape reality…

    Me: Thats high praise! *floating in the sky*

    too complex a tale of human emotions and only you could have written it just so..

    welcome back 🙂

  4. wow…..

    really nice winnie! hugs!!!!

    the irony!!! that last lie he had to tell his lover!
    i loved the end!

    Me: *hugs* Thank you thank you! That is the irony of life no ?
    glad ur back!

  5. thats kind of a masochistic story…

    self inflicted emotional pain…..

    I liked the flow of it.. esp the way you described the surroundings was good…..

    Me: Thank you dear! 🙂

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