The offering

Like I promised Indyeah, here is one of my choicest poem and a translation of it. This actually is not a poem but a prayer. This is generally said at the end of any function. It is written by Dyaneshwar The whole story of this boy wonder is worth reading really. He had translated Bhagwad gita in Marathi ( Called Dyaneshwari) at the age of 16 in 14th century. however this song /poem whatever is just amazing! He wrote this Pasaya daan as an offering (prasadam) to the Almighty.

Here comes the poem. Actually I got an alternative the translation to this poem here and  here . However I prefer the translation provided in the youtube link I have provided at the end of translation! It is sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Please listen to the rendition.  Its very spiritual.

I first sang it for our singing group in school. At that time I enjoyed the tune. However, since then, me and my sister sing it together a lot of times. It gives us peace and comfort when we need it the most.

So here it comes!

aata vishwatmake deve| tene vagyange toshave| toshoni maj dyave pasaydaan he||

Now may the lord of the universe, be pleased my sacrificial offering of words. And thus pleased, bestow me with this blessing.


je khalanchi vyankati saando| taya satkarmi rati vaadho| bhuta paraspare jado maitra jivanche||

May the sinful end their evil ways and learn to love righteousness . May everyone show goodwill towards each other


duritanche timir jaavo.. vishwa swadharma surye paaho… jo je vanchil to tey laaho | pranijaat||

May the darkness of evil be dispelled by the sun of virtuousness in this world. May people receive everything that they lack.


varshat sakal mangali ishwar nishtanchi mandiyaali anvarat bhumandali bhet tu bhuta

May the people always dwell in the company of lord worshipers.. in effect keep good company.


chala kalptarunche aarav chetna chintamaniche gaav bolti je arnav piyushache

Like walking  the garden of wish granting trees,  thinking like life inspiring gems and Speaking like ocean of everlasting life


chandrame je alanchan  | martand jey taapheen  | tey sarvahi sada sajjan soyre hotu ||

Like blemishless moon (alanchit chandrama) and a sun without burning heat . Every saint is equivalent to these. May everyone be the same.


kimbhuna sarva sukhi |  poornahouni tihi loki| bhaji jo adipurukhi|  akhandit ||

What else can one want ? When all the three world is happy . One can then worship the lord uninterruptedly


aani granthopajiviye  | visheshi loki iye |  drushtan drushtavijaye  |hovaweji||

May anyone who considers this text as their life force and abides by it, be victorious over the seen and the unseen karma


yeth mhane shri vishweshvarao | ha hoil daanpasavo | yenevare jnanadeo sukhiya jhala||

Listening to the request, the Lord of the universe says, “This offering shall be blessed”. Attaining this blessing, Dyaneshwar attained eternal bliss.


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